Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blessings of Tithing

August 19, 2013 Familia, Well this week was a great week! We found a lot of great investigators and we are really excited for all of them!! well to start of last week the Familia Cepeda paid tithing for the first time and on Tuesday he got a call for a HUGE JOB, and a lot of little jobs. He does cement floors for shops and stuff, he hadn’t had work for a long time before he got baptized, then he had a really good job, made some money, paid tithing and then received a job that is 10 times bigger!!! Miracle!!!!!! Then on Friday morning we had a lesson with a reference, but she wasn’t there, and I almost got bit by a dog, Haha bummer, but then we went to the backup plan, and they weren’t there either, but while we were there a kid named Nicolas of 17 years, came over and asked if we had a magazine or some church stuff for him, I said yea and then I said he actually we are going to walk to your house with you and teach you. He said ok! so we get talking and walking and come to find out he was a member of a religion that worships the devil that started in Africa, but then got into some bad drug stuff, and then he went to a rehab place and got out and knows that god did it, so he has been looking for the way to show the lord he is grateful, he has been looking for the true church and hasn’t found it, every night he prays to find it and then on Friday he felt a strong feeling that he needed to talk to us!! We had a super spiritual lesson with him and committed him to be baptized, he is such a stud!! He said he wants to be a missionary already! We are really excited for him!!! We are currently teaching 3 future missionaries that are doing great! We are excited for September we are going to see lots of miracles!! We had interviews on Friday with President Carter and Sister Carter! It went SUPER good I loved it a lot! Hope all is well! I love you all!! Love Elder Eppich

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