Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Week of Blessings and Miracles!

The Familia Cepeda's baptims

July 29, 2013

Familia, What an incredible week full of blessings and miracles!!! Well all 6 from the Familia Cepeda got baptized!! It was so incredible!! They were so excited. I love that family so much. They are going to be the source of many miracles here in Lujan!!!! They are going to enter the temple one year from now, si o si, they are so excited, and I have never met someone so prepared for the gospel and so close. They want me to be there when they go through the temple, we will see!!! They really are a great family!! Gonzalo didn’t get baptized, he smoked a little bit, so we had a great talk with him to help him. He got really excited for the mission, and helped him a lot, and he will be baptized on the 10th with some cousins of the Familia cepeda and some kids from Bolivia!! The baptism was on Saturday at 5, the whole week was overcast and super cold, but on Saturday it was perfect weather!! The other Elders baptized 3 people and without 3 it was 9! That’s not super common here in the mission we are in! President Carter came and spoke, he was super happy! Then they invited us to dinner afterwards, it was super great! He said that me and my comp will be together for a couple of weeks, I won’t leave this week, but within a couple he said it’s all most certain that we will be separated, what that means, I’m not sure... but who knows!!! On Sunday we confirmed them all, and then gave the priesthood to El Hermano Cepeda! El Hermano was sick on Saturday after his baptism and his whole face was swollen, so we gave him a blessing, and right away it went away and he felt instantly better! It was incredible!!!! We were all super excited!! So everything is going super good here in Lujan! I don’t think I’ll be leaving this week, but who knows with pte Carter, he likes to surprise Elders, Haha Thanks everyone for the prayers, we saw so many miracles this week I know it was because of all of your faith and prayer! Thanks for all of the support!! I’m doing great, and can’t believe how fast the time is passing by!! Love you all!

 Love, Elder Eppich

Elder Hernandez, The Familia Cepeda and Elder Eppich

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"just being obedient and working our tails off"

Giselle's baptim in Lujan
July 22, 2013


Well we had a great week!! Giselle got baptized yesterday!! It went great! We had a lot of support from the members and her family, and all of our investigators came as well! La Familia Cepeda came as well! It was great!!! They are SOO excited for their baptism on Saturday!! We got two miracles; their two nephews are going to get baptized with them as well! It’s so crazy how much the Lord is blessing us in this moment, we aren’t doing anything special, just being obedient and working our tails off and the Lord is doing everything else!! 
 La Familia Cepeda is awesome. Thursday it will be exactly 3 weeks that we found them and they are all ready going to be baptized on this Saturday. They are so prepared it is incredible. Things like this don’t normally happen here so we are praying and thanking the Lord always for this huge miracle! They are going to be great leaders in the church. We are excited to see all the miracles that will come from this family. They are going to give us references and bring a lot of people into the church. Next week is transfers again; I can’t believe how fast it has gone by!! Oh there is a chance of snow down here, you all know how much I love snow, so please pray that it snows.  Haha, I’m going crazy. Thanks for everything. Love you all so much!!!

Love, Elder Eppich!!! 

18 months!

18 months in the mission!

Burning the traditional pair of pants at 18 months!
July 15, 2013

Wow what a great week!! The Lord really is blessing us a ton and we are seeing his hand every day leading us everywhere we need to go!!! Well the Familia Medina has been super busy and hard to teach this week so they aren’t looking too sure for this month, but hopefully the following month!!! Gisel and Gonzalo are doing super good, we had a very direct and bold lesson with them a week ago and they have progressed a ton since that time, and they are making great friends with the members so that is helping a ton! Gisele will be baptized on the 20th and Gonzalo the 27th!! 
  Then the Familia Cepedea is doing great!!! They are reading and praying and stopped smoking and came to church yesterday, we changed their date to the 27th of July! So we are expecting Gisele, Gonzalo, Daniel, Claudia, Priscilla, and Ramero to get baptized this month, if you could pray for them specifically that would be great"!!!! We are really excited for them and the members as well are really helping us out a ton with those families, so things couldn’t be going better in that aspect!! So I completed 18 months this last week!!! CRAZY!! I can’t believe it!  It doesn’t feel like it at all. I still feel really new, but I know time will keep flying. I can’t believe that we almost have transfers again!! It’s crazy!!
 I burned some pants, well I tried to.  Haha they were super durable so I only burned about half of them, and then I had to go to bed!! Haha
  So this week we have been praying specifically for miracles and then working our tails off and the Lord has been blessing us a ton, it’s so incredible! Between us and the other missionaries in our branch we had 18 investigators at church yesterday, and then we should have a combined total of 11 baptisms this month!! Wow. 
 There is a few awesome families that are really helping us a ton! Oh mom could you accept the facebook requests from the people from Argentina that I have a common friend with? Thanks!! Sounds like everything is going great!! Love you all a ton!

Love, Elder Eppich
yay!! a Walmart!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hard Work Pays Off

July 13, 2013


This week was a great week!! Oh before I forget again, last week when I saw the Elder that serves in La Perlita, he was telling me how one of the guys that I found and prepared for baptism, that his brother and mom got baptized and that the rest of his family is progressing as well!! It is such an awesome experience to know that all the hard work pays off and that never will we see all the results from all of our hard work!!!!!
This week we had an awesome week with lots of miracles!!! So the zone where I am has been one of the best zones in the mission when it comes to baptism and stuff, but lately they have been struggling, just like Chivilcoy when I went out. (Oh I saw pte and Sister Carter and they told me they put me in the favorite area and they are expecting BIG things from me!! Haha pressure) So we have been working super hard to turn things around. Me and my companion, Elder Hernandez have been working super hard with the members and looking for investigators and we have found a lot of great people!!! We have a family called the Familia Medina. They are part member family and two are members and there are five that aren’t. We are reactivating them and then we are going to baptize four of them on the 27th of July!! Also we have another part member family that we found that are progressing a ton. Their names are Gysel and Gonzalo, they should be baptized as well on the 27th, well at least Gysel, Gonzalo might take some more time!! Then on Thursday Elder Hernandez and I contacted a family and taught them and helped them with some service. Their water line broke and I helped him fix it. They were surprised with my ability to help them. Hahaha they are the Familia Zepeda and they came to church as well on Sunday, and they really liked it!! Oh we also sang a hymn in the sacrament meeting, the missionaries, it was super good!!! Haha and I have become a great cook, I experiment a lot and things turn out SUPER good! I made chocolate chip cookies yesterday!!!! ! They were soo good!! Well thanks for everything I got to get going, keep praying for me!! Love ya!!,

Love, Elder Eppich!!!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

"Pray with Faith, then work with Faith"

July 1, 2013
Well I am super short on time, but everything is going SUPER good here!! We are working really hard and we are seeing a lot of miracles. Yesterday at church we had 7 investigators and we are having a ton of sucess with the members and they are excited to help us all and we cant wait to see the results!!!!! My companion, Elder Hernandez is doing great as well!! He is a great teacher!!! I love so much how the Lord answers our prayers of faith. I encourage all of you to pray with faith and then work with faith. Ask the Lord for things and then do all you can to get them, and then you will really see the hand of the Lord in your lives! I love you so much and thanks for everything. Sorry for the short letter!!
Love, Elder Eppich