Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"The Church is True, I Know It.

Malaina Baptism
December 30, 2013


Well what a week!!! It went really well!! It started off last Monday when we had the pday Navideno with all the mission. They informed me that because I am going to go to the temple in 3 weeks (before leaving mission) that I wasn't going to be able to participate, that I had to help the Elders. Then on Monday they informed me that I would be going with pte Carter to the temple and I would be in the locker room helping coordinate everything and help the 160 Elders go where they need to go. So I spent about 5 to 6 hours in the temple helping out everyone!! It was awesome, a great experience!!! Then I rode back with president and we had a good talk about life after the mission and he answered quite a few questions of mine!!!  I feel more sure of about what I'll do when I get home. Then on Tuesday we had a good day, we found a new family that is great, they went to church yesterday and loved it!!! That night we had an Asado. I easily ate 3 kilos of meat, that's probably why I got sick on Christmas Day, hahaha.
 Then we also had a baptism on Saturday, it was kinda hectic because the family had left for 6 days and we hadn't heard from them, but we were praying and praying, and felt like we should go visit their house, right as they got home!! We planned everything good and 2 days later Malaina Ramirez got baptized!! Her mom was in active and we have been helping them out and they have been going to church for a while!!! 
 We actually had a ton of great and crazy stories this past week, but I don't have time to share them all. The church is true, I know it. I know that the Lord lives and loves us!!! I know there is nothing else I'd rather do, than what I am doing!! I feel like I still have a ton of time left as a missionary, but i know that's not the case! I'm going to finish strong!! We should have 2 more baptisms the 11th of January!! The Lord is blessing us a ton!!! Take care everybody!! 

Love you! 

Elder Eppich

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"I Know that the Lord Lives and Loves Us"

December 16, 2013

MERRY CHRISTMAS, well its not Christmas yet, but next Monday I will not be on, so i thought I'd wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!!! I won't be home for Christmas, but shortly I will be home, there is still lots of time to serve the Lord!!!
 We had a great week! On Friday we had a zone conference in Ramos Mejia. It was great! They made me bare my testimony because I am a pastor, or that I am leaving soon, so I bore my testimony and I started to cry like a baby.... It was pretty sad, but the spirit was super strong!!! 
 We had the baptisms on Saturday and it was a miracle!!!! Saturday I went to fill up the baptismal font to get everything ready and then I went back to check on it and it was empty. The water had ran out and there was no way to fill it up. We had 1 hr till the baptism. So me and my comp said a prayer and my comp, Elder Sanchez, asked if there was another church close by to call and do the baptism there. So I called the Elders that had the closest church about 20 blocks away, and they said ¨we are here in the church now, yea we will start filling it up", and then called me back and said, Elder umm the font is full already, we don't know why, but its a miracle, bring everyone over here for the baptism. So we saw a few miracles there, first of all that the Elders where there in the church and then that it was full of water for no reason. The Lord was definitely looking out for us!! I know this is the true church, I know that it can not be stopped from progressing!! I know that The lord lives and loves us, and I am so grateful to be his representative!! I hope all can remember the true meaning of Christmas!! love you all so much!!! 

Elder Eppich

Monday, December 9, 2013

"Training is the most important thing a Missionary can do"

December 9, 2013


Well we had a great week!! And a super eventful week. We had the zone activity and it went really well! Haha I didn't participate too much in playing because my foot bothered me, but I threw everyone the football and played soccer. It's so funny throwing a football to a Latin, they just have a huge look of surprise on their faces like,"what, how did you do that?" haha
  Then on Tuesday we got a call saying that Elder Godoy and I were going to be training, and i was like, what??? That was a huge surprise for me! President two days before told me, "no elder you will finish your mission how you are now", what a sneaky guy! But I am totally OK with it because I love training, and I always wanted to finish the mission training. Training is the most important thing a missionary can do, and i want to make sure that my new comp can carry on all the things that I have learned as a missionary. I only have a month to do it, we have to work super hard!! 
  We had to go to capital on Friday to do the visa stuff for my companion. It went really well, we were only there for like 5 hours, haha.  Then on Saturday I was sick all day, but being me and not wanting to stay in the house, we went out to work..I  just had to be fairly close to the house, hahha.
  Then on Saturday the familia Perez Torre and the familia Ramirez went to church!!  So this Saturday Rosa and Sara are going to get baptized, as well as Gabriel 16, Ezekiel 11 and Maria 9. Then Gabriel is going to baptized with his parents and sister and Tia, at the end of this month and the beginning of the next month when the parents get married!! So things are going great!!! A ton of work!! i couldn't be happier!!! Time is flying by! 
 Yesterday we had the primary program and it just hit me that I was gonna be going home shortly and I started to cry, just a bunch of mixed feelings. But I try not to think about it!! I'll worry about it when the airplane gets here!! Things are going great!! Love you all!! 

Elder Eppich

Monday, December 2, 2013

"Today I am starting my last transfer as a Missionary"

December 2, 2013


Well I am only going to be on the Internet for a little while because we are going to have a zone activity and have a BBQ and play soccer and football, but afterwards ill get on to write some more.

 But we had a great week this week! We are seeing a lot of investigators progress!! The familia Pérez Torre is the family of 7 that is progressing really well, the parents are going to get married shortly, and the kids are going to be getting baptized shortly! They actually didn’t go to church on Sunday because the mom was sick and the dad had to do some stuff, but we are going to have a family home evening with them tonight and that should help them a lot!
 Then we have Rosa and Sara, they are the mom and a sister of a member, they have known the elders and the church for ever but never quite felt like getting baptized, but now they are positive they need to get baptized and are going to get baptized! They are progressing really well, they are super shy though, and it doesn’t help that I am kind of intimidating to the average Argentine for my size and booming voice, haha well at least that’s what they say.
 Then Lucas’ family is doing really well as well, they want to go to the temple so we are helping them become completely activated and on Sunday they are going to talk with The bishop to start making goals to get to the temple!!!
 Then we have a few other investigators that we found that seem like they are doing pretty good! The lord is really blessing us a ton right now!!!
  On Thursday we had a meeting with the stake president and President Carter, it went really well, normally the stake president here hasn’t gotten a long very well with missionary work, but on Thursday he was a new man! And so we are really excited about that!!!
 Then on Friday we had a meeting with president carter all day, it was really good, we learned a ton of great stuff to help the mission, and its really awesome to be able to see how inspired President Carter is and see the progress that we are making as a mission!!
  On a downwards note, the dad of an Elder in our zone died out of no where, and was really tough on the Elder, but it was a really strong testimony for me, talking to the Elder and seeing him being strong and really just wanting to share with everyone about Eternal families! That’s why we are here, to let everyone know that death isn’t the end of everything, if we don’t want it to be!! We can follow Jesus Christ now, and have our families forever!!!! What a great opportunity we have as missionaries to be able to testify of that 24/7!!!!  (Oh, mom, I never told you, but Elder Crowther's  mom also died recently, he is doing great though, he is such a great guy)

 I realized recently that today I am starting my last transfer as a missionary; it will be the best one yet I am sure!!! I will finish strong I promise, because I know that a ton of people are waiting for me right now!!! Love you all!! Elder Eppich
 oh yea HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I know its tomorrow, well unless something happened and I got confused, but I hope its tomorrow!!!! I love you!!!! Thanks for all you do for me mom! You’re the best!!! I'll be home for your next birthday!!! Hahaha

Monday, November 25, 2013

"Keep Moving Forward and Not be Distracted"

Cabrera Family
November 25, 2013


Well we had a really good week!! Yesterday we had the baptism of Lucas Cabrera!! His family was inactive for 10 plus years. Then his grandma came back and she brought him. We started helping him and his family and then yesterday he got baptized!! It was a great service, super spiritual!! Even though he was just a little kid of 11 years, it was great seeing the family at church!!
 Well, things are still going great, the Lord is blessing us a ton. We have quite a few investigators at this moment, and we want to keep looking for more so that we never run out of things to do!! This past week I spent in a different area, Paso del Rey, with Elder Hansen. He came to the mission with me and we were in the same district in Tennessee, he is a great guy!! 
 We have a family of 7 that has gone to the church two Sundays in a row; we are trying to help them get married so all of them can get baptized this month!!!
 Sorry I don’t have much time right now, but I love you all a ton, and I know this church is true!!!

 I hope all can read Elder Dube and Elder Uchtdorfs talks, they are great!! We always have to keep moving forward and not be distracted!! That’s how I am going to finish the mission!!! 

Love ya!! Elder Eppich

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"This is Real Life"

Happy Birthday 21st Elder Eppich

November 18, 2013


What a great week that we had here in ARGENTINA!! I hope you are all enjoying the cold, because it is SUPER HOT down here in Argentina, but that is ok, I don’t really mind!!! I have definitely got used to not having air conditioning and the climate here in Argentina. I actually really like it, most of the time. I think that I am going to finish my mission washing all my clothes by hand so that I can make the most of my time here. I’ll be super grateful for a washing machine when I get home!!! Haha

Well, we found a ton of great people this last week and are working with a ton with a lot of investigators!! This week we were able to see 12 people make it to church!!!

A new family of 6 that we found went and they loved it!!!

So on Saturday we had a great day!!! At 5 o clock we woke up and took a taxi to the offices because my comp and I got called to do the ushering for all of the 840 missionaries. I saw a ton of missionaries I knew from the other missions. It was crazy to hear that the missionaries from the other missions that got here with us,  go home in a couple of weeks because of the age change. Luckily for me, our mission didn’t get changed!!!

So we got to hear from Elder Gonzales and Soars and their wives, they are from the 70, and then we got to hear from Elder Holland and his wife!!

They all did incredible! I loved it so much!! They talked about all our potential as missionaries and how we are the most loved and prayed for people in ALL the world, it is so true!! Elder Holland talked how we have to understand that all of what the Lord has for us is at our hands we just have to have the faith to use it and to be converted enough!! He talked about how we can never go back to REAL LIFE like everyone says about the life after the mission. He said, THIS IS REAL LIFE and that he doesn’t want us to ever fall away. It is the hardest thing for him to see, when missionaries fall away!!

Then he said why the mission is so hard. He said the reason it is so hard is because salvation isn’t a cheap experience. If it was hard for the Lord it has to be hard for us!! That is why life is hard, so that we can become like the Lord and do what he wants us to do, and that is why we have trials in our lives!!! I loved that part a ton!!!

It was a great meeting, and a great birthday!!! Thanks everyone that wished me happy birthday!! I love all of you a ton and hope that all is going good!!! Elder Eppich!! Nos vemos pronto!!!


Monday, November 11, 2013

Elder Holland coming to Argentina BAW

November 11, 2013 Guess what the mission is giving me for my birthday on the 16th of November? Elder Holland!!!! On the 16th, Elder Holland is going to be speaking to all the missions in Buenos Aires!!! I am super excited, that sounds like a pretty awesome birthday if you ask me!!! Well things are going great for us here in Moreno. We are seeing a lot of progress in the area and in the ward. The ward really is excited to work with us, and excited to leave and do visits with us! Couldn’t ask for more as a missionary! This week we had a tough time trying to find Daniel. He has been sick, and when we found him, he told us he didn’t like the stake conference, because he didn’t understand anything. He didn’t go to church on Sunday, because he was ´sick ´hopefully he was really sick, and didn’t just not want to go. The family Andino went to church, at least the parents did and their daughter of 6. I am not sure if I ever told you about them or not, but they are awesome. We found them about a month and a half ago, and we taught them a lot, and something always happened and they never made it to church. They are 6, Guillermo, Soledad, Rocco, Lumilda, Brisa, and Nico. They are great, and they are married, they have been passing through a ton of problems lately, and just trying to move forward, but they haven’t been able to. But then they went to the stake conference, and didn’t understand anything, but agreed to go again this last Sunday, and they really liked it a lot!! We have a family from the church that is helping us with them, they are the Familia Frattoni. We have been trying to get them to help us, and then we finally had a day that worked for all of us, and it went great, they became great friends, and I am sure they will be baptized because they have great friends in the church to be with them at all times!! Then we also have another pareja, or couple that aren’t married, yet, we are trying to help them get married in December. They are great, Martin and Vanessa. Vanessa always liked the church, but Martin was just a jokester and made cruel comments all the time. But he went to church one time, and read and prayed and the Lord started blessing him a ton, and so now he is changing like crazy, and can’t wait to go to church,get married, and get baptized! We also found a lot of drunken people this last week; it really is sad how much people drink down here. I mean tons of people make their living from going around and recycling all the beer bottles, and wine boxes and bottles. They all like to drink to help them get out of their problems. Whenever we find someone drunk, we always tell them we can help them and they are really excited to stop and to be able to start over again. The gospel and the atonement really are the universal cures to any problem, member or non member. I hope all can apply it every day of their lives!! Also, I have been thinking a lot about the divine potential that all of us have as children of God, we are entitled to all the father has, if we are faithful to the promises we have made! There is nothing we cannot do, if we rely on the Lord to help us! I have gained such a strong testimony of that, I know the Lord hears our prayers, and that he answers them as well!! Well things are going great, time is flying by, I can’t believe that 22 months ago I walked in to the MTC, seems like yesterday! Hope all is going well! Thanks for the Birthday wishes. I have a feeling Elder Holland will make a shout out for me, hahaha love ya'll!!
Elder Eppich

Monday, November 4, 2013

"Faith really can move moutains, but not if we sit and wait for it to happen"

Elder Eppich and Elder Midgat, Moreno Zone
November 4, 2013 Well, sorry I don’t have much time this week. Like every week, we have a ton of things that we have to do… so much for a P-day, but it’s ok!! Things are going great here in our area. We are teaching a ton of people and exercising faith. Faith is something real, and something that works miracles. I cannot begin to tell all of the wonderful experiences I have been able to experience because of faith of investigators, converts, members and missionaries. Faith really can move mountains, but not if we just sit still and wait for it to happen. We have to go out and work to make these miracles happen. It doesn’t matter where we are, how much time we have in the mission, or who our companion is. We all have the same calling and power. If we depend on the Lord and have faith in him, he truly will work miracles in every area of our lives. We finally got the family Andino to go to church. It was stake conference and they liked it a lot! We also have a 55 yr old man named Daniel Benitez, he is awesome. He has gone to church now twice and loves it. He got his answer on Thursday. We were teaching about repentance and he just started smiling and said, “wow, I feel like I have never felt in my life. What is this feeling? is this my answer?” It was incredible. He will be getting baptized on the 23rd with a few other people. We have a possibility of 7 people that will be getting baptized on the 23rd of November. I’m doing great and I am loving the mission. Thanks for all the support. Love you all!! Elder Eppich

Elder Eppich and Elder Midgat, looking quite GQ :)

Monday, October 28, 2013

"Craziest Week of My Life"

Special ZL meeting. 54 visa waiters came in last transfer
October 29, 2013 Familia, Well this week has been one of the craziest of my life! Lots of divisions (54 visa waiters arrived last week) and lots of emergency transfers in our zone; it’s crazy how hard Satan is working to stop the work from progressing here in the mission. In the mission, we are having more success than any other time in the history of the mission, and at this time, Satan has never worked harder to make us be disobedient, it truly is so sad. I really hope that we can figure things out and help everyone be exactly obedient!! So I have a new companion, he is Elder Godoy from Chile. He has about 14 months I think. We have been comps for about half an hour, so I don’t know much about him, hahaha. However, we are going to work our tails off to help all Come unto Christ!! Wilber, Nilson, and gabby all got baptized!! It went so good!! The spirit was so stinking strong, it was incredible. There was good support, and the members were really super excited, so that was really awesome!! They are going to be great members. They always say, when we can we go and work with you Elders. Haha they want to be missionaries so bad. I’ll try to send pictures if I have time!! Haha Oh I did divisions this week in la Perlita!! It was a great experience, we had a meta to find a lot of new investigators, and we were looking all day and didn’t have a ton of success, but at 850 the Lord led us to an awesome family!! It was incredible! The Lord always blesses us after we have done all we can do!! I saw Jackie and Brisa!! They are doing so good, they were crying so much when they saw me, and I’ll send some pictures!! I can’t believe how fast time is flying by....We are almost to November, it’s almost by birthday!! I made some awesome spicy salsa, kinda like pico de gallo, but it’s a lot better, Haha I think. Well love you all, hope all is going good, Elder Eppich

Monday, October 21, 2013

"Study EVERYDAY and follow the Spirit"

October 21, 2013 Well this past week was a good one as well, about like every other week, jaja, we are still seeing a ton of miracles! We have really been focusing on always giving everything we can to the Lord and just letting him guide us, as we have been doing that, the Lord really has blessed us a ton!! Wilbur, Nilson, and Gaby are doing great and are really excited for their baptisms on Saturday!!! The ward really likes them as well so hopefully that will get the members really excited to start giving some references to us! Hope you are all giving references to the missionaries up there!! We found some really cool people this week. A couple of families that are excited to go to church. They didn’t go to church unfortunately yesterday because it was raining pretty hard and it was Mother´s Day here in Argentina, so it was very hard to get all the people to go to church! We were able to get Wilbur and his family to church. They are doing great, and Wilbur really wants to serve a mission. He will serve in a year hopefully!! So this week we will be receiving 40 new missionaries in the mission! And we have transfers next week. I am not sure if that will affect us or not! We will see!! This week I really was loving how important our personal scripture study is, if we don’t study the scriptures every day, we really lose the spirit and we are not able to be led by the spirit, which is the best thing we can do, so I invite all of you to study, EVERY DAY, and follow the spirit!! Love ya'll!!! Elder Eppich

Monday, October 14, 2013

Don't worry mom.....

Elder Midgat and Elder Eppich with a cake....I think :)

October 14, 2013 Dear Familia, Well this was a great week!! On Monday night we go to Wilbur and Nilsons house and their sister that is 22 that is really cool. (she was juntada or living with a guy that wasn’t her legal husband) we show up and she was like “well I can be baptized on the 26th with my brothers,” “ we said no you are juntada you have to get married before,” she said,”no, I kicked him out, because God told me too, and I want to pay tithing and he won’t let me, so I kicked him out”, hahaha. She is going to get baptized on the 26th with her brothers!! They are soo cool! They read and take notes every day!! This week I was only in our area about a day and a half. We had some meetings and then we did divisions with some other areas!!! We had some crazy experiences, but I’ll tell you about them when we get home! Jaja don’t worry mom. Well it is officially super hot here in Argentina. I have been dying, but I am getting a good tan, I think, Haha. We found a really cool family on Saturday that is so prepared for the gospel. They will probably be baptized on my birthday! What an awesome gift!!! jaja! I hope all is well and that you’re all doing good! Love you all, and sorry the letter is short. We have a meeting we have to go to in Ramos Mejia! Love ya all! Elder Eppich

Monday, October 7, 2013

WE should invite EVERYONE to Come unto Christ

October 7, 2013 Familia, We had an incredible week!!! Full of lots of awesome miracles. So I am going to start this letter with una caña and then tell you about the awesome things that happened! So I hope all that read this letter was able to see how important member missionary work is!! Every talk talked about how the members and missionaries need to be one, if we don’t work as one we are not the Lord´s. It is so true, the members and the missionaries have to work together, when they do we will truly see miracles every day. WE should invite EVERYONE to come unto Christ, not only the ones we think are ready. We shouldn’t be scared to invite people, all they can say is no, and like Elder Holland told us at a missionary conference, an invitation that is born from love, will never offend, it is so true!! We seriously need to invite everyone!!! Because we truly love them!!! So this week we did divisions with a couple elders. Luckily I was able to stay in my area and work with a new Elder; it was really cool because we had some really awesome experiences. We found a family of 6 that is married and a 55 yr old guy that is really cool and want to be baptized; the 55 yr old guy went to conference and loved it!!! Wilbur and Nilson are doing great, and are going to get baptized!! Those two families we found this week felt the spirit so strong. It was such a testimony for me because the Elder I was with is new and struggles a lot with Spanish still, but I let him talk a ton to build his testimony and he did great. I mean, I struggled understanding him, but the investigators no!! They understood everything, for the spirit, it was incredible, an awesome experience. I loved conference so much, all of the talks were so special for me, and it was crazy to think that I will be home for the next one! Well I love you all so much and hope all is going good!! Remember every member a missionary!! Love ya! Elder Eppich

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Love of Missionary Work

September 30, 2013 Familia, Well this week was a good one! Super crazy and long one, it went by super fast. I don’t remember everything that happened. We have had a bunch of meetings and stuff this past week so we were running around everywhere to get those things done. Elder Migdat and I had some really awesome lessons that were full of the spirit. There is this family that we found 2 weeks ago and they are a family of 4. Their names are Raul, Gabby, Wilbur and Nilson, they are really cool! At first the just let us in to hear what we had to say and then the spirit was so strong and they knew what we taught was true so they asked us to come back and teach them again. We committed them to be baptized and they really want to be baptized!!! We have had so many awesome lessons with them and they all love to pray and so at every lesson every one of them gives a prayer. They always cry and thank us for being there, and they are like hurry and leave so you can save other people as well!! So awesome. Wilbur and Nilson take notes on everything they read, they are 18 and 10 and will be great missionaries some day. I can’t wait for them!!! Also last week Annabelle from Lujan got baptized! Last night at 8 o clock we found a super awesome family of 6! We are going to go back and teach them, they seem really excited to hear more about the gospel!! Well I think I am going to be extending till February 10th. I had always been thinking about going home on normal time, but now it just kind of feels right. So we will see, but I am leaning to extending. Oh and yesterday during church we were praying for some miracles, and a random lady showed up, that we didn’t know, and she loved it, and was crying! She is going to get baptized! What a huge miracle!! The Lord answers prayers!!!! Next week we have General Conference!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!!! Hope everyone goes to it with a specific question and the Lord will answer it I promise!! Love you all! Take care!! Elder Eppich

Monday, September 23, 2013

"It's incredible Not Worrying About Ourselves"

September 23, 2013 Familia, This week was another great week for us here in Marilo! On Saturday we had three baptisms! Emiliano 70, Claribel 21, and Gabriella 40. It went really well and the spirit was really strong. These people are really cool. We saw lots of miracles with all of them. Satan was trying to make all of them change their minds, but luckily everything went really well! Elder Migdat and i did a special restoration presentation for the investigators that were there, it was really spiritual!! We sang Joseph Smiths first prayer! This week I spent most of the time in other Elders areas learning and teaching with them. We are doing lots of good things and are trying to become the best missionaries we can all be. This week it rained a lot, but that’s ok because that’s when all the miracles come!! Haha This following week we are going to see lots of miracles as well. Elder Migdat and I are loving every minute working together, just focusing on the Savior and investigators. It’s incredible not worrying about ourselves! General Conference is coming up!! Sorry for the short letter and that there were no pictures, the internet place stinks!! love ya! Elder Eppich

Monday, September 16, 2013

"We Were Just Messengers"

Elder Eppich and Elder Midgat (California)
September 16, 2013 Familia, There was quite a bit of changes this past week. I am no longer in my beloved Lujan, but I got sent back to Moreno, in Mariló with an Elder Migdat, he is such a capo, I have always wanted to be his companion and now I have the chance to be his companion! Haha we get a long great and teach really well together and we have seen so many miracles it is incredible. I’ll try to remember all of them, Haha. First of all, a funny story real fast. Last Monday in Lujan me and another Elder in our apartment were doing shopping and we were talking in English, and an obnoxious lady from Paraguay was trying to flirt with us, and was asking us questions about English. I said something to her in Guaraní the language of Paraguay, and I said "vamps a la capilla el Domingo", or I invited her to church on Sunday and she decided to be funny and decided to shout that I said, "-----------" you can translate or take that out, but I get embarrassed to say what it really means, Haha, it was so AWKWARD, but then I told her to tell the truth so that everyone doesn’t think I was saying bad things..... Wow..... Then on Tuesday night I got a call saying I was leaving the next morning! I got sent to Moreno! I am loving it here, and it’s possible I will finish the mission here with my companion! My old comp is training now, he is such a capo, and Gonzalo got baptized!! Elder Migdat and I did a lot of divisions this week helping a few areas out, and we learned a ton!! Last night we had such a strong lesson, it was incredible. It was 7:30 and freezing cold, and raining, but we wanted to find a family of 4. That is what we prayed for, and about 3 hours of looking we found a guy that came out to answer us, and he denied us so many times, like 7 times, then finally said, ok come in, but for only 15 minutes. We get in there and the spirit took over. I am not sure if I have felt the spirit so strongly in my life. That family kept saying “what is that peace that we feel? we feel like we have never felt in our whole lives, because of the testimonies you're sharing we know without a doubt that these things are true, we will be baptized.” It was so incredible, and I know the spirit did everything, we were just messengers. It was so spiritual and I loved it, this family literally changed in front of our eyes, the Lord is blessing us beyond belief. We have 3 or 4 baptisms coming up this week! So we are excited! I’m so glad to hear that all is going well! Hope you all keep on going, thanks for all the support. I hope all of you are helping out all of the missionaries, they need your help! Love you!! Love, Elder Eppich

Monday, September 9, 2013

Diligent and Obedient

Elder Hernandez (Columbia) and Elder Eppich getting to go outside and brave the rain storm!
September 9, 2013 Family, Well this week we had a lot of good experiences! We are still looking for a lot of new investigators and helping the ones we have progress, that way we are always teaching and baptizing! The Lord is really helping us as we are being diligent and obedient. This week we had a super spiritual experience. On Thursday we went to two lessons we had planned and they both fell through and I just kept praying and praying that we could have a spiritual lesson and find someone ready to be baptized. We had the impression to go to a contact we had done a couple weeks earlier. We went and found her and at first she didn’t want ANYTHING and tried to get us to leave, but after a few inspired questions and some promises, she let us in! We taught for about 15 minutes and the spirit was so STRONG! At the end I invited her to be baptized on the 28th of September and she gasped and said, that’s my birthday!! YESSS I'll be baptized on that day!! It was super spiritual; it’s so incredible seeing the Lord's hand guide us! I know that the Lord does everything for a special reason, nothing happens just because, everything has been planned for 1000s of years, and it is up to us to make the most of it and learn all the Lord wants us to learn!! On Saturday it rained a ton! Haha I love when it rains on the mission, because we still go out and work while everyone is inside and they are all like, look at the crazy Mormons, Haha. If it’s not a testimony that this work is true, I don’t know what is! But I know that it is true what we are sharing and I know this church is true!!! Thanks for all the support! Hope all is going well!! OH YEA GONZALO is getting baptized this Saturday, I’m not sure if I’ll be here or not, but I’m excited for him!!! Love you all! Elder Eppich

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"I Felt Like a Relief Society Sister" :)

September 2, 2013 Familia, Well this week went really well! We worked really hard and the Lord really blessed us a ton! It is starting to get really hot here, super early so it is weird. I cut my hair this morning and it turned out pretty good, when I get home I can teach karigan if she wants! Haha jk.(Karigan is attending Cosmetology school part-time) But I cut everyone’s hair in the mission, everyone always asks me to do it. We found a lot of new investigators this week which always helps a ton, because then we don’t have to spend much time looking for people and we can focus on them and help them get ready for church and everything! We found a family that seems really cool; we are really excited for them. We taught them and sang for them, and the spirit was SO strong and then the next time we passed by they were like “you have no idea how much your lesson changed our house and all of us. We are doing SO MUCH better!” Then we invited to church and they came, well 2 of the 5 came the others weren’t here, but they are all going to come on the next Sunday. The boy that is 21 did what we told him about kneeling down and praying after reading the book of Mormon 3 Nephi 11 and then asking if it was true or not, and in that moment he had a really cool manifestation when it appeared to him that Christ lowered from the heavens, really awesome and hard to explain in English for me, sorry, Haha. But the families are capos (studs); their names are Zulma, Blanca, Florencia, Soledad and Richard! On Sunday Hermano Cepeda blessed the sacrament with me!!! Then their whole family bore their testimonies thanking all of the members and God for the help and everything that has been going for them and, man I felt like a relief society sister, I was almost bawling like a baby. Haha but things are going great for me and I am loving the mission, next week we have transfers, who knows what will happen, Haha well love ya! Love, Elder Eppich

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Gospel Changes the Lives of all Those that Live It

August 26, 2013 Familia, Well we had another good week. It was a good learning week. These past weeks we have been struggling getting people to progress and finding good quality investigators, so we have been looking and looking, and still struggling a bit. In our area we have very few members so that makes it tough. It really made me hope that everyone back at home is helping the missionaries out. It makes everything so much better when the missionaries have members helping them and taking them to meet their friends!! Don’t be scared to do it!! Well this past week we didn’t pass by for Gonzalo and he came to church and was a lot different. He wants to get baptized and so we are going to work with him again! Then there is a neighbor of the Familia Cepeda that always comes to church with them, her name is Annabelle. We haven’t been able to find Nicolas unfortunately, hopefully he will come around. Oh something Elder Hernandez and I have been doing is going and visiting inactive members and singing hymns for them. It is awesome doing it! I Love to sing now. I think I sound just as bad as ever but now all the members and investigators tell me I have a voice of an angel. Haha but it’s because they don’t know any better. Haha The Familia Cepeda is doing great. It is crazy to see how much they change every day. I feel so blessed to have been able to find them and teach them. They are a perfect example of what happens in the lives of people who live the gospel how they should!! The Lord blesses them so much! They have had a few challenges lately, their pick up broke, and they got robbed, but they are like its ok the Lord will provide! And they walked to church and it was freezing cold. They live about 3 kilometers from the church, what great young faith! I love how this gospel changes the lives of all those that live the Gospel!!! Love you guys and hope all goes well! Good Luck with school!!! Can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I started BYU. Love ya'll, Elder Eppich

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blessings of Tithing

August 19, 2013 Familia, Well this week was a great week! We found a lot of great investigators and we are really excited for all of them!! well to start of last week the Familia Cepeda paid tithing for the first time and on Tuesday he got a call for a HUGE JOB, and a lot of little jobs. He does cement floors for shops and stuff, he hadn’t had work for a long time before he got baptized, then he had a really good job, made some money, paid tithing and then received a job that is 10 times bigger!!! Miracle!!!!!! Then on Friday morning we had a lesson with a reference, but she wasn’t there, and I almost got bit by a dog, Haha bummer, but then we went to the backup plan, and they weren’t there either, but while we were there a kid named Nicolas of 17 years, came over and asked if we had a magazine or some church stuff for him, I said yea and then I said he actually we are going to walk to your house with you and teach you. He said ok! so we get talking and walking and come to find out he was a member of a religion that worships the devil that started in Africa, but then got into some bad drug stuff, and then he went to a rehab place and got out and knows that god did it, so he has been looking for the way to show the lord he is grateful, he has been looking for the true church and hasn’t found it, every night he prays to find it and then on Friday he felt a strong feeling that he needed to talk to us!! We had a super spiritual lesson with him and committed him to be baptized, he is such a stud!! He said he wants to be a missionary already! We are really excited for him!!! We are currently teaching 3 future missionaries that are doing great! We are excited for September we are going to see lots of miracles!! We had interviews on Friday with President Carter and Sister Carter! It went SUPER good I loved it a lot! Hope all is well! I love you all!! Love Elder Eppich

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

More Blessings of a Mission

Baptims of Min in Lujan
August 12, 2013 Familia, well it’s going to be another short letter, sorry, I talk a lot with pte and that doesn’t leave much time. Well we had a great week! We had the baptism of Mini, she is the sister of the Hermana cepeda, and Hermano cepeda baptized her!! It was so spiritual seeing recent converts doing missionary work and then baptizing a sister in law! Sister Cepeda gave a talk, and little Ramiro gave a testimony again and made everyone cry again, Haha. I never remember what I needed to tell all of you we had lots of great experiences but I never remember what I have to tell ya, sorry. Well yesterday I completed 19 months in the mission, so crazy how fast time is going by!! Oh last night we had a super awesome experience, we were trying to look for new people to teach and so we officered a prayer and Elder Hernandez had an idea to go visit someone, so we headed that way but we felt that we should go a different way than normal. On one street we heard some loud music and were like that’s a sign we need to go there, so we clapped our hands and out came a guy named Ezekiel. He is really awesome and lived there with his family!! We only were there for 15 minutes, but it was super spiritual to know that we followed the spirit how the Lord wanted us to! I am positive this family is going to be awesome because the Lord lead us right there!! Things are going super good for us here in Lujan!! The Lord is blessing us a ton. We are losing lots of investigators, but were going to find a bunch this week!! Love you so much, Love Elder Eppich Ps. sorry I didn’t respond to all the emails

Monday, August 5, 2013

An Awesome Week

August 5, 2013 Wow what an awesome week! I don’t have much time so I will share with you guys my favorite part of the week. Yesterday at church, little Ramiro Cepeda that got baptized last week, he’s 8, got up to bare his testimony. It was incredible!! He has such a strong testimony and made everyone cry, it was so sweet! I felt so good and was so excited for him and his family! I know this church is true, without a doubt. I wish everyone had the knowledge that they can live with their family forever!!! I hope all is well and that every one is doing good!! Love you all! Love Elder Eppich

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Week of Blessings and Miracles!

The Familia Cepeda's baptims

July 29, 2013

Familia, What an incredible week full of blessings and miracles!!! Well all 6 from the Familia Cepeda got baptized!! It was so incredible!! They were so excited. I love that family so much. They are going to be the source of many miracles here in Lujan!!!! They are going to enter the temple one year from now, si o si, they are so excited, and I have never met someone so prepared for the gospel and so close. They want me to be there when they go through the temple, we will see!!! They really are a great family!! Gonzalo didn’t get baptized, he smoked a little bit, so we had a great talk with him to help him. He got really excited for the mission, and helped him a lot, and he will be baptized on the 10th with some cousins of the Familia cepeda and some kids from Bolivia!! The baptism was on Saturday at 5, the whole week was overcast and super cold, but on Saturday it was perfect weather!! The other Elders baptized 3 people and without 3 it was 9! That’s not super common here in the mission we are in! President Carter came and spoke, he was super happy! Then they invited us to dinner afterwards, it was super great! He said that me and my comp will be together for a couple of weeks, I won’t leave this week, but within a couple he said it’s all most certain that we will be separated, what that means, I’m not sure... but who knows!!! On Sunday we confirmed them all, and then gave the priesthood to El Hermano Cepeda! El Hermano was sick on Saturday after his baptism and his whole face was swollen, so we gave him a blessing, and right away it went away and he felt instantly better! It was incredible!!!! We were all super excited!! So everything is going super good here in Lujan! I don’t think I’ll be leaving this week, but who knows with pte Carter, he likes to surprise Elders, Haha Thanks everyone for the prayers, we saw so many miracles this week I know it was because of all of your faith and prayer! Thanks for all of the support!! I’m doing great, and can’t believe how fast the time is passing by!! Love you all!

 Love, Elder Eppich

Elder Hernandez, The Familia Cepeda and Elder Eppich

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"just being obedient and working our tails off"

Giselle's baptim in Lujan
July 22, 2013


Well we had a great week!! Giselle got baptized yesterday!! It went great! We had a lot of support from the members and her family, and all of our investigators came as well! La Familia Cepeda came as well! It was great!!! They are SOO excited for their baptism on Saturday!! We got two miracles; their two nephews are going to get baptized with them as well! It’s so crazy how much the Lord is blessing us in this moment, we aren’t doing anything special, just being obedient and working our tails off and the Lord is doing everything else!! 
 La Familia Cepeda is awesome. Thursday it will be exactly 3 weeks that we found them and they are all ready going to be baptized on this Saturday. They are so prepared it is incredible. Things like this don’t normally happen here so we are praying and thanking the Lord always for this huge miracle! They are going to be great leaders in the church. We are excited to see all the miracles that will come from this family. They are going to give us references and bring a lot of people into the church. Next week is transfers again; I can’t believe how fast it has gone by!! Oh there is a chance of snow down here, you all know how much I love snow, so please pray that it snows.  Haha, I’m going crazy. Thanks for everything. Love you all so much!!!

Love, Elder Eppich!!! 

18 months!

18 months in the mission!

Burning the traditional pair of pants at 18 months!
July 15, 2013

Wow what a great week!! The Lord really is blessing us a ton and we are seeing his hand every day leading us everywhere we need to go!!! Well the Familia Medina has been super busy and hard to teach this week so they aren’t looking too sure for this month, but hopefully the following month!!! Gisel and Gonzalo are doing super good, we had a very direct and bold lesson with them a week ago and they have progressed a ton since that time, and they are making great friends with the members so that is helping a ton! Gisele will be baptized on the 20th and Gonzalo the 27th!! 
  Then the Familia Cepedea is doing great!!! They are reading and praying and stopped smoking and came to church yesterday, we changed their date to the 27th of July! So we are expecting Gisele, Gonzalo, Daniel, Claudia, Priscilla, and Ramero to get baptized this month, if you could pray for them specifically that would be great"!!!! We are really excited for them and the members as well are really helping us out a ton with those families, so things couldn’t be going better in that aspect!! So I completed 18 months this last week!!! CRAZY!! I can’t believe it!  It doesn’t feel like it at all. I still feel really new, but I know time will keep flying. I can’t believe that we almost have transfers again!! It’s crazy!!
 I burned some pants, well I tried to.  Haha they were super durable so I only burned about half of them, and then I had to go to bed!! Haha
  So this week we have been praying specifically for miracles and then working our tails off and the Lord has been blessing us a ton, it’s so incredible! Between us and the other missionaries in our branch we had 18 investigators at church yesterday, and then we should have a combined total of 11 baptisms this month!! Wow. 
 There is a few awesome families that are really helping us a ton! Oh mom could you accept the facebook requests from the people from Argentina that I have a common friend with? Thanks!! Sounds like everything is going great!! Love you all a ton!

Love, Elder Eppich
yay!! a Walmart!