Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"This is Real Life"

Happy Birthday 21st Elder Eppich

November 18, 2013


What a great week that we had here in ARGENTINA!! I hope you are all enjoying the cold, because it is SUPER HOT down here in Argentina, but that is ok, I don’t really mind!!! I have definitely got used to not having air conditioning and the climate here in Argentina. I actually really like it, most of the time. I think that I am going to finish my mission washing all my clothes by hand so that I can make the most of my time here. I’ll be super grateful for a washing machine when I get home!!! Haha

Well, we found a ton of great people this last week and are working with a ton with a lot of investigators!! This week we were able to see 12 people make it to church!!!

A new family of 6 that we found went and they loved it!!!

So on Saturday we had a great day!!! At 5 o clock we woke up and took a taxi to the offices because my comp and I got called to do the ushering for all of the 840 missionaries. I saw a ton of missionaries I knew from the other missions. It was crazy to hear that the missionaries from the other missions that got here with us,  go home in a couple of weeks because of the age change. Luckily for me, our mission didn’t get changed!!!

So we got to hear from Elder Gonzales and Soars and their wives, they are from the 70, and then we got to hear from Elder Holland and his wife!!

They all did incredible! I loved it so much!! They talked about all our potential as missionaries and how we are the most loved and prayed for people in ALL the world, it is so true!! Elder Holland talked how we have to understand that all of what the Lord has for us is at our hands we just have to have the faith to use it and to be converted enough!! He talked about how we can never go back to REAL LIFE like everyone says about the life after the mission. He said, THIS IS REAL LIFE and that he doesn’t want us to ever fall away. It is the hardest thing for him to see, when missionaries fall away!!

Then he said why the mission is so hard. He said the reason it is so hard is because salvation isn’t a cheap experience. If it was hard for the Lord it has to be hard for us!! That is why life is hard, so that we can become like the Lord and do what he wants us to do, and that is why we have trials in our lives!!! I loved that part a ton!!!

It was a great meeting, and a great birthday!!! Thanks everyone that wished me happy birthday!! I love all of you a ton and hope that all is going good!!! Elder Eppich!! Nos vemos pronto!!!


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