Monday, October 29, 2012

"We are working really hard and seeing the Lord blessing us"

October 29, 2012

Now I know why he as worn out a pair of shoes already and lost 30#


Well I have about 5 minutes to write, so sorry lol. I am doing super
good!! The Work is picking up here in Saladillo! We are working really
hard and seeing the lord blessing us. The members are super excited
which is really nice! We had a record yesterday of 24 people in
church. With 7 non members!! It was incredible, I feel so blessed. We
should be having quite a few baptisms in November hopefully a couple
families!!  I am absolutely loving it here in Saladillo. It reminds me
of home, a lot. Hope you like the pictures I am setting. I am so
excited for all of you and everything that is going on there.
Especially with all the missionaries leaving. It is an incredible
feeling to be able to be a part of this!! I can’t wait till Kade gets
his call!!  Remember now more than ever with all the missionaries
leaving, that you will be going exactly where the lord wants you to
go!!!  Keep on reading the scriptures and conference talks, and
praying! I love you all and will write more next week! Love ya, Elder

Elder Eppich and friend. Elder Eppich either has grown or he tie has shrunk. ha

Beautiful countryside of Saladillo "the campo" Kraymer said there is a Pioneer Seed nearby too.

Monday, October 22, 2012

"Can You Believe I'm the Pianist Here?"

October 22, 2012


Wow what a crazy week that we had!  We had a lot of good experiences
and one sad one. For the sad one first to get it out of the way. We
were teaching a lesson and a neighbor came running over and was really
panicky and said ´ayudame, ayudame, alguien està moriendo en cama´ Or
help, help, someone is dying in the bed. So we ran over there to help
and there was a guy that was convulsing and stuff. So we called the
ambulance then I had to carry him out to the ambulance. Come to find
out he had a stroke and then a couple days later he died. Poor guy,
but luckily we have the plan of salvation; we are going to share it
with the family of this man.   Now for the good things of this week!
So we have this couple that we are teaching, and they wanted to be
baptized, but I kinda of thought that they wanted to baptized because
of the missionaries, so we taught them about the Book of Mormon and
praying, and the importance of having an answer of this church. So at
the end of the lesson they realized that they weren’t ready to be
baptized because they didn’t have an answer yet, and that it is
something really important, baptism.  Then the next day I lost the
cell phone.... OOPs, But we found this couple who we have been
teaching (who I was just talking about, oh their names are Victoria and
Gonzalo) they offered to follow us in the car so we could have lights
to be able to try and see the phone in the street. They kept saying,
you’re not going to be able to find it, someone already stole it, and
things like that. But we just kept looking, and then we found it!!
Then Victoria said Elder I have to tell you something. So I said, ok
what? She said well we decided to say a prayer to be able to find your
phone, and I said ´Heavenly father, if this is the true church, help
these missionaries find their phone.´ and when we found it, she said
she felt the spirit so strong and knows it’s the answer she and her
husband have been looking for! So she was really excited and they are
going to be baptized on the 11 of November!!!!
  Oh to answer some of your questions. Saladillo is a lot like 25 de
mayo, just a lot bigger, with more trees, so I like that part a lot.
We have a house where we live, and then there is a house where we have
church every Sunday, we meet from 10-12 because there aren’t enough
people yet, so I only have 2 hrs of church on Sunday. Lol kind of funny.
We have quite a few investigators and a few baptismal dates! We are
still really focusing in helping the members. This last Sunday we had
17. With 7 people that were inactive before. We were missing about 8
people that left for mother´s day in Argentina, it was yesterday. So if
all would have come we would have had 25! This next Sunday we are shooting
for 30! The president of the district and a counselor of the mission
are coming to do some callings. The branch president in 25 says he
thinks they will call me as group leader or something. I guess we
will see. Whatever the lord has in plan. Love you all. Good Luck
Austin Fox!!!! Can’t wait to hear where Kade and Matt Hadley are going. Love,
Elder Eppich

Haha before I forget to tell you all, this Sunday our group leader
wasn’t here so I was in charge of the group. I presided, directed,
played the piano!  Gave a class, and then when the speakers
didn’t take up all the time I gave a 20 minute talk. Haha.. Can you
believe I am the pianist here? HAHAHA I only use my right hand and
every now and then my left.

Monday, October 15, 2012

"The Next Day we went to Work!"

October 15, 2012

Wow what a crazy week!!! So on Monday night  the zone leaders called
and told me that I was leaving and that I would be leaving with
luggage, which meant that I probably wouldn’t be staying in Campo. I
was super disappointed because I love Campo, but I decided  the
Lord obviously has a plan so I can’t worry about it too much. So
the next day I said goodbye to my investigators and it is crazy how
close we can become in just one transfer. They started to cry and
everything! It is cool though that I was able to help them!  Then
Tuesday night we left for the offices in Capital. So we get there
after a few hours and then go to the offices to wait for the meeting
to start. I got to talk to Elder Streadbeck and Elder Cochenour a lot
so that was really nice!  Then all of the secretaries and office
missionaries kept coming up to me and asking me´¨where do you think
your going Elder Eppich?¨ and things like that, so I started to think
something fishy was about to go down. Then the meeting started. They
got to Chivilcoy ( Our zone ) and they showed that I was leaving and
then the next slide was Salladillo (it said that Family de la Cruz
was there, but that’s not true, they were in 25 de mayo with us) then
it says whitewash with Elder Eppich and Elder Crowther!! I went crazy
and so did the whole mission that was there, especially my zone
because they all knew I wanted to stay here.  So a little about the
History of Saladillo.  About a year ago they took the missionaries out
because there were problems with the members. Oh and it is only a
group, that means that we aren’t a branch or a ward, but that we are a
part of a branch that is somewhere else.  So when we saw that we are
putting missionaries again everyone was super excited. Then after Presidente
Carter talked to me and said “let’s see what you can do Elder Eppich!
You got a tough job but if you can work hard you’re going to have a lot
of success”, and then told me that I was the right missionary for the
Job so that was pretty cool as well.  My comp is Elder Wade Crowther
from Park City, his birthday is tomorrow so were going to make
breakfast from the states today for lunch. Lol  so then on Thursday
the office missionaries brought us out here to show us our pension and
where the house is we have church. Then they showed us a family that
feeds the missionaries every day and gives a lot of references. Then
they left us with a map. Haha. We were a little overwhelmed at first.
Haha so we unpacked and cleaned the Mansion we live in! It is huge!
There is 3 rooms, a bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen a
place where we can wash our laundry, a garage and a back yard! We just
have to clean it up really good!!  Then we went and met our group
leader. Then the next day we went to work!! We worked a ton! We met a
lot of members and they took us around to some old investigators and
some references. We set 5 baptismal dates in 2 and half days! Found
11 people to teach! So we aren’t as overwhelmed anymore! We are doing
really really well!!  This group has been having about 8 or 9 people
coming for the past few months. And on Sunday we had 18! Before we
leave were going to have a branch! Hopefully!!!  I really like my comp
a lot! He has about 8 months in the mission. But just got here last
transfer, he waited for his visa in Alabama. He likes to work really
hard and is super obedient as well, and super funny. We get along
really well, especially because he trusts me enough to cut his hair.
Haha it looks pretty good!
  So everything is going really well for us here! I am loving it so
much, and love being able to be guided by the spirit!! Good luck with
everything, with work, school, sports, and mission papers Kade! I Can’t wait
to hear where you’re going! Love you all, talk to you in a week!! Love
Elder Kraymer Todd Eppich
Elder Streadbeck, Cochanour and Eppich,
companion and friend from MTC and apparently mothers with same taste in ties :)

PS Elder Eppichs birthday is fast approaching. I'm sure he would love some letters. Please text or call me at 509-318-0796 if you have questions.

Monday, October 8, 2012

"How Blessed We Are To Have A Modern Day Moses"

Elder Eppich waiting for conference to start
October 9, 2012

Wow what a crazy week!!!! I can’t even remember what happened because
everything passed by so fast. It was a blur! I don’t remember what day
it was but I got sick. Fever, sore throat, achy, cold stuff.. I think
it was Monday or Tuesday when it started, but on Wednesday we stayed
in the pension until about 4 or so because I was trying to get
feeling better. Haha but I hate being stuck in the pension and can’t
stand thinking I am wasting time, so I said ¨forget it lets go¨¨ Haha
and we left and started teaching, I was pretty drugged up, lol We had
a pretty good week! We found a family from Domican Republic. They seem
really good! Then we had a couple awesome lessons with people named
Rosa and Lucia. We showed them chapter 16 of Testaments ( WATCH IT )
It was so powerful and we committed them to baptism! They accepted! We
also showed the same to Guillermo, I think I have told you about him
before. He is awesome and came to the priesthood session! He has a
baptismal date as well.   Well anyway it’s crazy to think how many
people do not know that Jesus Christ Came to the Americas, and that is
what the testaments shows. It really helps us see the importance of
the Book of Mormon and that Jesus loves all his children! I’d really
suggest all people to watch this and pay attention to your feelings!
  On Friday we woke up and it was super humid and I said There is
going to be a storm and Elder Krausse said it might rain a little but
nothing more. I knew better and decided to wear my boots for the day.
We went into an appointment and then it hit!!!  Rain like crazy with
wind and then the lightning started. I have never seen lightning like
this. Every second there was like 4 of them! Only a couple go to the
ground the rest go from cloud to cloud, horizon to horizon, it was
intense. Then they cut the power to everyone in the city so that the
storm didnt ruin everything. Then we left the house to go to a
different appointment. In places the water was up to my calves!! Thank
goodness I had those good boots! HAHA My comp didn’t think it was so
  Now conference, I loved it!!! I watched it in Spanish, no other
choice! I knew I was going to have to watch it in Spanish and felt ok
about it, but was nervous that I would be able to understand enough.
So the whole week I was praying and then we did a fast as a zone for
something else and I decided to include in it, that I would be able to
understand all of conference. I am very thankful that Heavenly Father
answered my prayers and fast, and I was able to understand! It was a
great experience!  I don’t know why but this week I had been thinking
a lot about Kade and when he leaves on his mission and what not so when
President Monson announced that I felt like I already knew and the spirit
was so strong! I really think Kade will come here!! HAHA or hopefully.
I can’t even begin to start what talk I liked the most! Everyone was
so powerful!!!  I payed so close attention so that I could understand,
and the spirit was so strong!! I hope all had the chance to watch!! I
really like Elder Perry, sister dibbs, Elder Christofferson, All of the
first Presidency’s, Bednar, Nelson, Holland, Hales, Packer, Scott,
Ballard, Anderson, Cook, and Oaks, haha every talk I loved!! Make sure
you all go back and study them like prophet Monson asked us too!! Love
you all so much!! Have to go!! Next week I could be in a different
area! Vamos a ver!! Tell grandpa and grandma I love them!!!
 Love, Elder Eppich

Elder Eppich at the Cultural Celebration of the rededication of the Buenos Aires Temple. All missionaries marched into the stadium singing "Called to Serve" in Spanish.  I love this picture!

Monday, October 1, 2012

"I can see the Lord molding me into the person he wants me to be"

Elder Krausse, Griggs, and George

Branch President and his wife, Elder Krausse and Eppich
pday cooking Asado
October 1, 2012

We had an awesome week this week! I saw a lot of changes in me!! I can
feel the Lord molding me into the person that he wants me to become!!!
I was reading in Ether 12 this week where it talks about weak things
become strong, and I have really been working on this as a missionary.
One for Teaching by the spirit and I have been studying and praying a
lot to be able to do better at this, and I feel I have really made a
lot of progress and can feel that my words are directed and guided
during our lessons! The Lord really has helped me a ton with that and I
know I am becoming a better missionary because of that!! The other big
change is in my Spanish!! I have really been asking for help from the
Lord and I am doing my studies and writing down the words that I don’t
know, and I really feel have made a lot of progress and the people
here tell me that I have the best Spanish they have heard from the
other Yankees (North Americans) lol.  However, I know I still have a
ton of room for improvement and I know I will be able to improve a lot.
I don’t remember if you remember about the promise President Montierth
gave me in my setting apart, that if I work hard I will really be
blessed with the ability to speak the language fluently. I can feel
this promise being fulfilled! This week we had a lot of lessons and
set lots of baptismal dates!! We Have a lot of potential for this upcoming month and have about 4 people if not more that should be
baptized this month!!!  We have a family of one of our recent converts
that have all in the past been super closed up to the idea of the
church, but they have seen so much potential and change in their
brother that they all asked if we could come teach them and they all
agreed to be baptized at the end of October so we will see!!! Then we
have a guy named Guillermo. His name reminds me of our neighbor
Guillermo!  (I can’t wait to be able to talk to him and José and
lolo in Spanish.)  Guillermo’s a relative of a member and he
loves the church and what we teach! He wants to be a part of it as
well and says it all make sense! It’s true! Then we have a boyfriend of
a recent convert we are teaching his name is Hugo! He likes the
church and his girlfriend so we should be able to baptize him the next
month as well!  So we worked really hard up until Friday to be able to
meet all of our goals so that we don’t lose much as we headed for zone
conference. We had to wake up at 2 am on Saturday morning to catch the
bus, but I couldn’t sleep so we just waited till 2 to leave. Then we
got to Chivilcoy at 430am and waited for zone conference at 8. The
conference was awesome! We talked about teaching to the needs of the
investigators and following the spirit. Then we talked about becoming
the missionary that the lord wants us to be. And how we can be that
missionary. We talked about the desire to be that missionary and how
to become, and it was awesome! I’m excited to apply it!!  Then we have
like trivia questions from the mission news and stuff and I won the
grand prize a huge chocolate Hershey bar with almonds!!!  That
finished at about 2pm and our bus doesn’t come until 10 at night so we
helped the missionaries there with some things and did divisions. It
was fun.  Then supposedly President told my companion that he will be
training this next transfer and staying in 25 de mayo to help our new
president here, but we’re not sure, so it may be that I am going to be
leaving next week. We will see!!! I am super excited for General Conference! I
can’t believe it’s already here again! I feel like just watched it last
month! We just got internet in the house were we meet at as a branch.
So we will watch it there. I am trying to find a way to watch it in
English because president really wants all of us to be able to watch
it in English. So we will see!  Id encourage all to write specific
questions you have and you will receive the answer in this conference!
  That’s so awesome about Karigan and volleyball girls!! Congrats! Glad
the girls had a good birthday and Kade likes BYU! Congrats Matt on
your first BYU Tackle, Haha I brag to all the elders how good our high
school football program is. Lol Love all of you! Take care!!!
Elder Eppich