Monday, October 1, 2012

"I can see the Lord molding me into the person he wants me to be"

Elder Krausse, Griggs, and George

Branch President and his wife, Elder Krausse and Eppich
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October 1, 2012

We had an awesome week this week! I saw a lot of changes in me!! I can
feel the Lord molding me into the person that he wants me to become!!!
I was reading in Ether 12 this week where it talks about weak things
become strong, and I have really been working on this as a missionary.
One for Teaching by the spirit and I have been studying and praying a
lot to be able to do better at this, and I feel I have really made a
lot of progress and can feel that my words are directed and guided
during our lessons! The Lord really has helped me a ton with that and I
know I am becoming a better missionary because of that!! The other big
change is in my Spanish!! I have really been asking for help from the
Lord and I am doing my studies and writing down the words that I don’t
know, and I really feel have made a lot of progress and the people
here tell me that I have the best Spanish they have heard from the
other Yankees (North Americans) lol.  However, I know I still have a
ton of room for improvement and I know I will be able to improve a lot.
I don’t remember if you remember about the promise President Montierth
gave me in my setting apart, that if I work hard I will really be
blessed with the ability to speak the language fluently. I can feel
this promise being fulfilled! This week we had a lot of lessons and
set lots of baptismal dates!! We Have a lot of potential for this upcoming month and have about 4 people if not more that should be
baptized this month!!!  We have a family of one of our recent converts
that have all in the past been super closed up to the idea of the
church, but they have seen so much potential and change in their
brother that they all asked if we could come teach them and they all
agreed to be baptized at the end of October so we will see!!! Then we
have a guy named Guillermo. His name reminds me of our neighbor
Guillermo!  (I can’t wait to be able to talk to him and José and
lolo in Spanish.)  Guillermo’s a relative of a member and he
loves the church and what we teach! He wants to be a part of it as
well and says it all make sense! It’s true! Then we have a boyfriend of
a recent convert we are teaching his name is Hugo! He likes the
church and his girlfriend so we should be able to baptize him the next
month as well!  So we worked really hard up until Friday to be able to
meet all of our goals so that we don’t lose much as we headed for zone
conference. We had to wake up at 2 am on Saturday morning to catch the
bus, but I couldn’t sleep so we just waited till 2 to leave. Then we
got to Chivilcoy at 430am and waited for zone conference at 8. The
conference was awesome! We talked about teaching to the needs of the
investigators and following the spirit. Then we talked about becoming
the missionary that the lord wants us to be. And how we can be that
missionary. We talked about the desire to be that missionary and how
to become, and it was awesome! I’m excited to apply it!!  Then we have
like trivia questions from the mission news and stuff and I won the
grand prize a huge chocolate Hershey bar with almonds!!!  That
finished at about 2pm and our bus doesn’t come until 10 at night so we
helped the missionaries there with some things and did divisions. It
was fun.  Then supposedly President told my companion that he will be
training this next transfer and staying in 25 de mayo to help our new
president here, but we’re not sure, so it may be that I am going to be
leaving next week. We will see!!! I am super excited for General Conference! I
can’t believe it’s already here again! I feel like just watched it last
month! We just got internet in the house were we meet at as a branch.
So we will watch it there. I am trying to find a way to watch it in
English because president really wants all of us to be able to watch
it in English. So we will see!  Id encourage all to write specific
questions you have and you will receive the answer in this conference!
  That’s so awesome about Karigan and volleyball girls!! Congrats! Glad
the girls had a good birthday and Kade likes BYU! Congrats Matt on
your first BYU Tackle, Haha I brag to all the elders how good our high
school football program is. Lol Love all of you! Take care!!!
Elder Eppich

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