Monday, October 8, 2012

"How Blessed We Are To Have A Modern Day Moses"

Elder Eppich waiting for conference to start
October 9, 2012

Wow what a crazy week!!!! I can’t even remember what happened because
everything passed by so fast. It was a blur! I don’t remember what day
it was but I got sick. Fever, sore throat, achy, cold stuff.. I think
it was Monday or Tuesday when it started, but on Wednesday we stayed
in the pension until about 4 or so because I was trying to get
feeling better. Haha but I hate being stuck in the pension and can’t
stand thinking I am wasting time, so I said ¨forget it lets go¨¨ Haha
and we left and started teaching, I was pretty drugged up, lol We had
a pretty good week! We found a family from Domican Republic. They seem
really good! Then we had a couple awesome lessons with people named
Rosa and Lucia. We showed them chapter 16 of Testaments ( WATCH IT )
It was so powerful and we committed them to baptism! They accepted! We
also showed the same to Guillermo, I think I have told you about him
before. He is awesome and came to the priesthood session! He has a
baptismal date as well.   Well anyway it’s crazy to think how many
people do not know that Jesus Christ Came to the Americas, and that is
what the testaments shows. It really helps us see the importance of
the Book of Mormon and that Jesus loves all his children! I’d really
suggest all people to watch this and pay attention to your feelings!
  On Friday we woke up and it was super humid and I said There is
going to be a storm and Elder Krausse said it might rain a little but
nothing more. I knew better and decided to wear my boots for the day.
We went into an appointment and then it hit!!!  Rain like crazy with
wind and then the lightning started. I have never seen lightning like
this. Every second there was like 4 of them! Only a couple go to the
ground the rest go from cloud to cloud, horizon to horizon, it was
intense. Then they cut the power to everyone in the city so that the
storm didnt ruin everything. Then we left the house to go to a
different appointment. In places the water was up to my calves!! Thank
goodness I had those good boots! HAHA My comp didn’t think it was so
  Now conference, I loved it!!! I watched it in Spanish, no other
choice! I knew I was going to have to watch it in Spanish and felt ok
about it, but was nervous that I would be able to understand enough.
So the whole week I was praying and then we did a fast as a zone for
something else and I decided to include in it, that I would be able to
understand all of conference. I am very thankful that Heavenly Father
answered my prayers and fast, and I was able to understand! It was a
great experience!  I don’t know why but this week I had been thinking
a lot about Kade and when he leaves on his mission and what not so when
President Monson announced that I felt like I already knew and the spirit
was so strong! I really think Kade will come here!! HAHA or hopefully.
I can’t even begin to start what talk I liked the most! Everyone was
so powerful!!!  I payed so close attention so that I could understand,
and the spirit was so strong!! I hope all had the chance to watch!! I
really like Elder Perry, sister dibbs, Elder Christofferson, All of the
first Presidency’s, Bednar, Nelson, Holland, Hales, Packer, Scott,
Ballard, Anderson, Cook, and Oaks, haha every talk I loved!! Make sure
you all go back and study them like prophet Monson asked us too!! Love
you all so much!! Have to go!! Next week I could be in a different
area! Vamos a ver!! Tell grandpa and grandma I love them!!!
 Love, Elder Eppich

Elder Eppich at the Cultural Celebration of the rededication of the Buenos Aires Temple. All missionaries marched into the stadium singing "Called to Serve" in Spanish.  I love this picture!

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