Monday, October 29, 2012

"We are working really hard and seeing the Lord blessing us"

October 29, 2012

Now I know why he as worn out a pair of shoes already and lost 30#


Well I have about 5 minutes to write, so sorry lol. I am doing super
good!! The Work is picking up here in Saladillo! We are working really
hard and seeing the lord blessing us. The members are super excited
which is really nice! We had a record yesterday of 24 people in
church. With 7 non members!! It was incredible, I feel so blessed. We
should be having quite a few baptisms in November hopefully a couple
families!!  I am absolutely loving it here in Saladillo. It reminds me
of home, a lot. Hope you like the pictures I am setting. I am so
excited for all of you and everything that is going on there.
Especially with all the missionaries leaving. It is an incredible
feeling to be able to be a part of this!! I can’t wait till Kade gets
his call!!  Remember now more than ever with all the missionaries
leaving, that you will be going exactly where the lord wants you to
go!!!  Keep on reading the scriptures and conference talks, and
praying! I love you all and will write more next week! Love ya, Elder

Elder Eppich and friend. Elder Eppich either has grown or he tie has shrunk. ha

Beautiful countryside of Saladillo "the campo" Kraymer said there is a Pioneer Seed nearby too.

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