Monday, October 22, 2012

"Can You Believe I'm the Pianist Here?"

October 22, 2012


Wow what a crazy week that we had!  We had a lot of good experiences
and one sad one. For the sad one first to get it out of the way. We
were teaching a lesson and a neighbor came running over and was really
panicky and said ´ayudame, ayudame, alguien està moriendo en cama´ Or
help, help, someone is dying in the bed. So we ran over there to help
and there was a guy that was convulsing and stuff. So we called the
ambulance then I had to carry him out to the ambulance. Come to find
out he had a stroke and then a couple days later he died. Poor guy,
but luckily we have the plan of salvation; we are going to share it
with the family of this man.   Now for the good things of this week!
So we have this couple that we are teaching, and they wanted to be
baptized, but I kinda of thought that they wanted to baptized because
of the missionaries, so we taught them about the Book of Mormon and
praying, and the importance of having an answer of this church. So at
the end of the lesson they realized that they weren’t ready to be
baptized because they didn’t have an answer yet, and that it is
something really important, baptism.  Then the next day I lost the
cell phone.... OOPs, But we found this couple who we have been
teaching (who I was just talking about, oh their names are Victoria and
Gonzalo) they offered to follow us in the car so we could have lights
to be able to try and see the phone in the street. They kept saying,
you’re not going to be able to find it, someone already stole it, and
things like that. But we just kept looking, and then we found it!!
Then Victoria said Elder I have to tell you something. So I said, ok
what? She said well we decided to say a prayer to be able to find your
phone, and I said ´Heavenly father, if this is the true church, help
these missionaries find their phone.´ and when we found it, she said
she felt the spirit so strong and knows it’s the answer she and her
husband have been looking for! So she was really excited and they are
going to be baptized on the 11 of November!!!!
  Oh to answer some of your questions. Saladillo is a lot like 25 de
mayo, just a lot bigger, with more trees, so I like that part a lot.
We have a house where we live, and then there is a house where we have
church every Sunday, we meet from 10-12 because there aren’t enough
people yet, so I only have 2 hrs of church on Sunday. Lol kind of funny.
We have quite a few investigators and a few baptismal dates! We are
still really focusing in helping the members. This last Sunday we had
17. With 7 people that were inactive before. We were missing about 8
people that left for mother´s day in Argentina, it was yesterday. So if
all would have come we would have had 25! This next Sunday we are shooting
for 30! The president of the district and a counselor of the mission
are coming to do some callings. The branch president in 25 says he
thinks they will call me as group leader or something. I guess we
will see. Whatever the lord has in plan. Love you all. Good Luck
Austin Fox!!!! Can’t wait to hear where Kade and Matt Hadley are going. Love,
Elder Eppich

Haha before I forget to tell you all, this Sunday our group leader
wasn’t here so I was in charge of the group. I presided, directed,
played the piano!  Gave a class, and then when the speakers
didn’t take up all the time I gave a 20 minute talk. Haha.. Can you
believe I am the pianist here? HAHAHA I only use my right hand and
every now and then my left.

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