Monday, October 28, 2013

"Craziest Week of My Life"

Special ZL meeting. 54 visa waiters came in last transfer
October 29, 2013 Familia, Well this week has been one of the craziest of my life! Lots of divisions (54 visa waiters arrived last week) and lots of emergency transfers in our zone; it’s crazy how hard Satan is working to stop the work from progressing here in the mission. In the mission, we are having more success than any other time in the history of the mission, and at this time, Satan has never worked harder to make us be disobedient, it truly is so sad. I really hope that we can figure things out and help everyone be exactly obedient!! So I have a new companion, he is Elder Godoy from Chile. He has about 14 months I think. We have been comps for about half an hour, so I don’t know much about him, hahaha. However, we are going to work our tails off to help all Come unto Christ!! Wilber, Nilson, and gabby all got baptized!! It went so good!! The spirit was so stinking strong, it was incredible. There was good support, and the members were really super excited, so that was really awesome!! They are going to be great members. They always say, when we can we go and work with you Elders. Haha they want to be missionaries so bad. I’ll try to send pictures if I have time!! Haha Oh I did divisions this week in la Perlita!! It was a great experience, we had a meta to find a lot of new investigators, and we were looking all day and didn’t have a ton of success, but at 850 the Lord led us to an awesome family!! It was incredible! The Lord always blesses us after we have done all we can do!! I saw Jackie and Brisa!! They are doing so good, they were crying so much when they saw me, and I’ll send some pictures!! I can’t believe how fast time is flying by....We are almost to November, it’s almost by birthday!! I made some awesome spicy salsa, kinda like pico de gallo, but it’s a lot better, Haha I think. Well love you all, hope all is going good, Elder Eppich

Monday, October 21, 2013

"Study EVERYDAY and follow the Spirit"

October 21, 2013 Well this past week was a good one as well, about like every other week, jaja, we are still seeing a ton of miracles! We have really been focusing on always giving everything we can to the Lord and just letting him guide us, as we have been doing that, the Lord really has blessed us a ton!! Wilbur, Nilson, and Gaby are doing great and are really excited for their baptisms on Saturday!!! The ward really likes them as well so hopefully that will get the members really excited to start giving some references to us! Hope you are all giving references to the missionaries up there!! We found some really cool people this week. A couple of families that are excited to go to church. They didn’t go to church unfortunately yesterday because it was raining pretty hard and it was Mother´s Day here in Argentina, so it was very hard to get all the people to go to church! We were able to get Wilbur and his family to church. They are doing great, and Wilbur really wants to serve a mission. He will serve in a year hopefully!! So this week we will be receiving 40 new missionaries in the mission! And we have transfers next week. I am not sure if that will affect us or not! We will see!! This week I really was loving how important our personal scripture study is, if we don’t study the scriptures every day, we really lose the spirit and we are not able to be led by the spirit, which is the best thing we can do, so I invite all of you to study, EVERY DAY, and follow the spirit!! Love ya'll!!! Elder Eppich

Monday, October 14, 2013

Don't worry mom.....

Elder Midgat and Elder Eppich with a cake....I think :)

October 14, 2013 Dear Familia, Well this was a great week!! On Monday night we go to Wilbur and Nilsons house and their sister that is 22 that is really cool. (she was juntada or living with a guy that wasn’t her legal husband) we show up and she was like “well I can be baptized on the 26th with my brothers,” “ we said no you are juntada you have to get married before,” she said,”no, I kicked him out, because God told me too, and I want to pay tithing and he won’t let me, so I kicked him out”, hahaha. She is going to get baptized on the 26th with her brothers!! They are soo cool! They read and take notes every day!! This week I was only in our area about a day and a half. We had some meetings and then we did divisions with some other areas!!! We had some crazy experiences, but I’ll tell you about them when we get home! Jaja don’t worry mom. Well it is officially super hot here in Argentina. I have been dying, but I am getting a good tan, I think, Haha. We found a really cool family on Saturday that is so prepared for the gospel. They will probably be baptized on my birthday! What an awesome gift!!! jaja! I hope all is well and that you’re all doing good! Love you all, and sorry the letter is short. We have a meeting we have to go to in Ramos Mejia! Love ya all! Elder Eppich

Monday, October 7, 2013

WE should invite EVERYONE to Come unto Christ

October 7, 2013 Familia, We had an incredible week!!! Full of lots of awesome miracles. So I am going to start this letter with una caƱa and then tell you about the awesome things that happened! So I hope all that read this letter was able to see how important member missionary work is!! Every talk talked about how the members and missionaries need to be one, if we don’t work as one we are not the Lord´s. It is so true, the members and the missionaries have to work together, when they do we will truly see miracles every day. WE should invite EVERYONE to come unto Christ, not only the ones we think are ready. We shouldn’t be scared to invite people, all they can say is no, and like Elder Holland told us at a missionary conference, an invitation that is born from love, will never offend, it is so true!! We seriously need to invite everyone!!! Because we truly love them!!! So this week we did divisions with a couple elders. Luckily I was able to stay in my area and work with a new Elder; it was really cool because we had some really awesome experiences. We found a family of 6 that is married and a 55 yr old guy that is really cool and want to be baptized; the 55 yr old guy went to conference and loved it!!! Wilbur and Nilson are doing great, and are going to get baptized!! Those two families we found this week felt the spirit so strong. It was such a testimony for me because the Elder I was with is new and struggles a lot with Spanish still, but I let him talk a ton to build his testimony and he did great. I mean, I struggled understanding him, but the investigators no!! They understood everything, for the spirit, it was incredible, an awesome experience. I loved conference so much, all of the talks were so special for me, and it was crazy to think that I will be home for the next one! Well I love you all so much and hope all is going good!! Remember every member a missionary!! Love ya! Elder Eppich

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Love of Missionary Work

September 30, 2013 Familia, Well this week was a good one! Super crazy and long one, it went by super fast. I don’t remember everything that happened. We have had a bunch of meetings and stuff this past week so we were running around everywhere to get those things done. Elder Migdat and I had some really awesome lessons that were full of the spirit. There is this family that we found 2 weeks ago and they are a family of 4. Their names are Raul, Gabby, Wilbur and Nilson, they are really cool! At first the just let us in to hear what we had to say and then the spirit was so strong and they knew what we taught was true so they asked us to come back and teach them again. We committed them to be baptized and they really want to be baptized!!! We have had so many awesome lessons with them and they all love to pray and so at every lesson every one of them gives a prayer. They always cry and thank us for being there, and they are like hurry and leave so you can save other people as well!! So awesome. Wilbur and Nilson take notes on everything they read, they are 18 and 10 and will be great missionaries some day. I can’t wait for them!!! Also last week Annabelle from Lujan got baptized! Last night at 8 o clock we found a super awesome family of 6! We are going to go back and teach them, they seem really excited to hear more about the gospel!! Well I think I am going to be extending till February 10th. I had always been thinking about going home on normal time, but now it just kind of feels right. So we will see, but I am leaning to extending. Oh and yesterday during church we were praying for some miracles, and a random lady showed up, that we didn’t know, and she loved it, and was crying! She is going to get baptized! What a huge miracle!! The Lord answers prayers!!!! Next week we have General Conference!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!!! Hope everyone goes to it with a specific question and the Lord will answer it I promise!! Love you all! Take care!! Elder Eppich