Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Love of Missionary Work

September 30, 2013 Familia, Well this week was a good one! Super crazy and long one, it went by super fast. I don’t remember everything that happened. We have had a bunch of meetings and stuff this past week so we were running around everywhere to get those things done. Elder Migdat and I had some really awesome lessons that were full of the spirit. There is this family that we found 2 weeks ago and they are a family of 4. Their names are Raul, Gabby, Wilbur and Nilson, they are really cool! At first the just let us in to hear what we had to say and then the spirit was so strong and they knew what we taught was true so they asked us to come back and teach them again. We committed them to be baptized and they really want to be baptized!!! We have had so many awesome lessons with them and they all love to pray and so at every lesson every one of them gives a prayer. They always cry and thank us for being there, and they are like hurry and leave so you can save other people as well!! So awesome. Wilbur and Nilson take notes on everything they read, they are 18 and 10 and will be great missionaries some day. I can’t wait for them!!! Also last week Annabelle from Lujan got baptized! Last night at 8 o clock we found a super awesome family of 6! We are going to go back and teach them, they seem really excited to hear more about the gospel!! Well I think I am going to be extending till February 10th. I had always been thinking about going home on normal time, but now it just kind of feels right. So we will see, but I am leaning to extending. Oh and yesterday during church we were praying for some miracles, and a random lady showed up, that we didn’t know, and she loved it, and was crying! She is going to get baptized! What a huge miracle!! The Lord answers prayers!!!! Next week we have General Conference!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!!! Hope everyone goes to it with a specific question and the Lord will answer it I promise!! Love you all! Take care!! Elder Eppich

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