Monday, October 21, 2013

"Study EVERYDAY and follow the Spirit"

October 21, 2013 Well this past week was a good one as well, about like every other week, jaja, we are still seeing a ton of miracles! We have really been focusing on always giving everything we can to the Lord and just letting him guide us, as we have been doing that, the Lord really has blessed us a ton!! Wilbur, Nilson, and Gaby are doing great and are really excited for their baptisms on Saturday!!! The ward really likes them as well so hopefully that will get the members really excited to start giving some references to us! Hope you are all giving references to the missionaries up there!! We found some really cool people this week. A couple of families that are excited to go to church. They didn’t go to church unfortunately yesterday because it was raining pretty hard and it was Mother´s Day here in Argentina, so it was very hard to get all the people to go to church! We were able to get Wilbur and his family to church. They are doing great, and Wilbur really wants to serve a mission. He will serve in a year hopefully!! So this week we will be receiving 40 new missionaries in the mission! And we have transfers next week. I am not sure if that will affect us or not! We will see!! This week I really was loving how important our personal scripture study is, if we don’t study the scriptures every day, we really lose the spirit and we are not able to be led by the spirit, which is the best thing we can do, so I invite all of you to study, EVERY DAY, and follow the spirit!! Love ya'll!!! Elder Eppich

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