Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland - "Do Not Let Them Down!"

Family and Friends,

Well this past week I was assigned to be an usher for the Devotional
last night. The whole week I had a feeling that someone good was going
to be coming, and guess what I was right!!
I get in there an hour early to start ushering. They don't tell us who
is coming until the person gets there. So I was walking around and I
found a program for the Devotional in one of the Executive secretaries
seat, so I looked at it and guess who it said would be speaking?!?!
Elder Jeffery R. Holland !! So I strategically placed myself to be
right where I knew he would be walking into!! HAHAHA and sure enough
he walked right past me, about 3 feet away, and just turned and
looked and smiled at me. Right away I could feel his love as well as
the rest of the love the Apostles of the Church have for us.!! He
repeated over and over how much all of them love us and how the World
loves us. He told us a lot of great things that in his own words "
Singed our eyebrows, " I love how he speaks. He made everyone want
to be better!! I know I definitely want to be better now after his
  He talked about how if the church has one image that is universal it
has to be two missionaries riding a bike or walking down a dusty road.
He said to the world we are absolutely perfect and told us, " You do
not have the right to let them down. You better do all you can do to
uphold that image." What hit me even harder was when he said " You owe
it to those Deacons, and to all those young men, to my grandsons, you
owe it to them  to do your best. Do not let them down!!"  It was so
powerful! I want to be the best example I can be so i will definitely
be doing my best!!
  He also talked a lot about the Book of Mormon. He said he fears that
too many people do not rely on the Book of Mormon enough. He said he
has never met someone that has been truly converted who has not
received a significant experience with the Book of Mormon!!! I know
that is true! I can see it in my own lessons! When we can get our
investigators to read the Book of Mormon, They will feel the spirit!!
We just have to help them to realize it. I know that there is no way
that anyone can read the book of Mormon and not feel the spirit, and
know it is true! We just have to help them get to the Book of Mormon
and then they will do the rest on their own, because they will want to
be apart of that great book!!
  I realized I really need to work on  studying the Scriptures even
more because it is so important!!!
     Well this week we had a lot of good experiences with our
investigators!! One of our investigators name is Aurora. She wants to
be baptized but cant until she is married. She has 2 kids with her
Boyfriend who is a member. But her boyfriend doesn't want to be married
for 1 more year!!! So we just kept teaching her and testifying to her.
Then her and her family have been coming to church with us for about 4
weeks now, and I was impressed to ask her To talk to her boyfriend one
more time. He decided to get married! So they are getting married on
march 10 and then we are having a baptism right after!! It is
incredible the blessings that come from following the guidance of the
Holy Ghost! I know that it is important for all of us to follow the
Spirit no matter what the circumstances are!! ( Remember the
investigator thing is fake, it is our teacher being one of the
investigators they had on their mission, so in a way it is real.
Either Way it is really spiritual and a great help!)
   Then with our other investigator who is getting baptized this
Saturday, we had a couple awesome lessons with him! He is a golden
investigator. He gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon and so he
does whatever we ask him to! We had an awesome lesson with him and he
promised he would keep all the commandments we have taught him, and
then we had a Testimony meeting with him. So us three ( Me, My
Companion, and him) All shared our testimonies! It is an awesome
experience seeing someone bear their testimony for the first time!!! I
love it!! I am so grateful I have this opportunity to serve the LORD!!
Love all of you, Love Elder Eppich

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Book of Mormon and Prayer

Hola!                                                        February 22, 2012

How is everything going back at home? Everything is going so good
here!  Last night at the Devotional we sang Be Still my Soul!! It was so
cool!! We sounded pretty good if you ask me!! HAHA but I don't know
for sure;) The Spanish is coming along pretty good. I gave up English
on Saturday night, and for the most part I am doing pretty good! I can
generally get across what I want to say! So that is way nice! Another
District left our zone this morning so we currently have like 19
people in our zone, but we should be getting 10 more today!! I see
Brad Barber often and sit by him at choir! He is doing really well; he
will be an awesome missionary! I have quite a few pictures so I will
probably send the memory card to Kaitlan or Kortneigh today or
  It sounds like you had an awesome weekend with everyone home and
what not!! Karigan went on her first date.. WHAT??? HAHA So Crazy! I
hope she liked that card!! I am sending one for Dad today! HAHA it is
just a joke one, but I think he will like it!!!  So did everyone have
a good time while at home?? I got the package!! Thanks! All of that is
  So this week learning and teaching wise has been awesome!! I feel
like Elder Streadbeck and I have made huge improvements!!! We have
been focusing a lot on getting the investigators to answer more
questions and to think more about what we are saying so that they can
have more spiritual experiences and make more progress then they
previously were. So we have worked on that and it has definitely
helped a lot!! Our Spanish is getting better as well! We don't really
have to work too much on the Spanish aspect of teaching, we spend a lot
of time thinking of what we can say about what we are planning to say,
then we look up a few scriptures that we feel will help them see the
doctrine behind what we are teaching, but we don't go in there with a
scripted lesson what a lot of people are still trying to do, and for
us this works awesome because we go in there knowing what we could
say, and then depending on what the investigator needs, we can change
our lesson accordingly, so the spirit is always so much stronger as we
do it that way.
    I bet the house looks crazy without the tree there and what not!!
I got the picture of the tree and Karigan’s first date and stuff!!
Looks great!  How is Kade's shoulder going? The
House?? Well I only have like 2.5 weeks left in here!! We should get
our flight plans next Thursday, March 1st. The group that left today
had some visa problems so they got reassigned, but they said our Visas
should be good, because we signed everything last Thursday and they
said it should take 3 weeks, so that should be perfect for us!!!
   This week I have learned a lot about prayer and the Book of
Mormon!! I have learned that on the mission If I will literally pray
every morning and throughout the day I will be guided to those that
are ready for the gospel. We have heard a lot of cool stories about
missionaries that will pray and be led to a street, and then pray
again and be led to a specific door!! So I think I will definitely do
that when I am in the field, because I have a really Strong Testimony
of Prayer and I know that Prayers are always answered and that we will
be lead where we need to go and what we need to do, I have seen that
while I have been in the MTC, and I know it will only magnify out in
the field!!!
   We have to have a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon, if we do,
we will never fall no matter what comes our way we can hang on to that
and be ok, because when we know the Book of Mormon is true, then
everything else about our Church is true. (Book of Mormon
Introduction)  Dad asked if I have any advice that would be good for
his talk on The Holy Ghost! The Holy Ghost is so important in
everything!! Elder Steadbeck and I were talking about how much more
in tune we are with the spirit and how much more we have been learning
because of it!! We made a list of everything that brings the spirit in
to our lives and it is crazy how many things do, but what is more
crazy is how many things will take it away and how quick. I want to
try and never be without the guidance of the Holy Ghost because
without it we are lost. He will literally lead us wherever we need to
go!!!! I know that is true!! Well I hope all is going well!! I love
all of you!!!

Love, Elder Eppich!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Success Through Obedience


How is everything going for everyone up there? Is the weather as crazy
up there as it is down here? On Sunday it snowed from 6 am until 11
pm and it was accumulating and then melting, accumulating and melting,
so it was pretty weird, it was pretty much all gone by Monday.
Kortneigh had told me a while back to keep an eye out for an Elder
Nash, he is a Mackay looks exactly like all of the MacKay’s from our
area, I don't remember his mom's name he is from Provo though and we
have been playing a lot of basketball together, and he is really good!!!
Then there is another Kid named Elder Clawson and his mom went to
Connell I think, there is a lot of people here that have a lot of
family where we are from!
  It looks like the House is coming along awesome!! That is so sweet!!
I am excited to see all of the changes as they occur!! What are all of
you going to do with Karigan turning 16 in like 5 days? Haha I would
be scared out of my mind, Haha. Things here are better than ever!!
Each Day goes by faster and faster, I think that is a good sign, we
counted and we only have 25 days left in here!!! It seems at times
that it has been a long time that I have been in here then it seems
like I have been only in here a couple days. I think the amount that
we are learning throws us off, because it feels like we have grown in
the language and the gospel year’s worth, but it has only been about a
  This week I feel like my Spanish has made a big jump, in class and
everything I feel like I can understand just about everything. Then
when I am speaking in a lesson I can speak a lot more fluently!! I am
really being blessed a ton!! One of our lessons with our investigator
Javier was incredible!! Elder Streadbeck and I went in and we had
prepared a good lesson for him, and found lots of good scriptures and
then had been praying to have a good lesson and then we went in there
and followed the spirit, he asked a ton of questions that took us on a
lot of different topics that had nothing to do with the lesson that we
had prepared, but that was ok, we just took what he gave us and ran
with it. The spirit was so strong it was unbelievable!! You could see
it in his eyes!!He lit up a lot and was filled with the spirit!! He
was really excited about baptism and is set to get baptized in 2
weeks, (he is our teacher pretending to be one of the investigators
he ran into on his mission.)  Elder Streadbeck and I were so pumped!
Our lessons have been getting a lot better since then, we have really
been focusing on not teaching lessons but teaching the needs of the
investigators! And the spirit has been so much stronger!! I know it is
because we have been studying diligently and praying for guidance and
help! Whatever we put into something the Lord blesses us so much more
then that!!
   I have been able to accomplish things in here that I would not of
thought was possible and I know it is because we are being obedient
and doing what we know we should!!! I heard from Mr. Fitzgerald this
week! And I Got Valentines from Kelten, Gracie, and Kaycee! Kelten
sent me a little spider tattoo, LOL This computer is awful, lol I have
been on here for 50 minutes and it keeps freezing up so I can’t do
anything!! HAHA oh well! Well take care let me know how everything is
going! If anyone has specific questions let me know!!!

Success through obedience, Elder Eppich

15 February 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Good News of the Gospel

Dear Family,
I think today or tomorrow is my half way mark in the MTC!!!! how crazy is that? It seems like I just left!!! Elder Streadbeck and I and another Elder, Elder Winder just got back from the temple, we went early so that we could have breakfast at the Temple!! Holy cow!!! That food is so amazing!!! You would all really like Elder Winder, he is really funny, he really likes Elder Streadbeck and I so he just comes and chills with us! So last week two of our roommates headed out to the Dominican Republic and so Its just Elder Streadbeck and I in the Room!! There are 3 bunk beds so we slid two of them together and so now we each have our own king beds! He gets the top bunk and I get the bottom!!!
  Those pictures of the house are awesome!! I can't believe how fast it is all coming up already!! Everything is going to be so different when I get back!!!! I can't believe Karigan is going to be 16 in like 12 days or something!!! Crazy!! is she going to get her license right away or what is going on with that? So when does Track start up for everyone?
  Everything is going really well in here!! The language is getting better and better!! Starting tomorrow were going to try and give up English!! Crazy huh? I guess it is going to be pretty quiet around here for awhile!! But that's ok!! Ill probably enjoy it!!! Last week I did two days without English and it helps a ton! You begin to think strictly in Spanish and it really helps the lessons that we teach!!! Elder Streadbeck and I are an awesome companionship in my eyes, we get along really well and when we teach were on the same page so we really do a good job!! Our two progressive investigators both have baptismal dates and are really making progress! It is one of the best feelings when someone keeps a commitment and then you get to testify to them how much they will be blessed for it and how much you have been blessed in your own life!! I love this Gospel!! IT really is the Good NEWS!! I can't wait to take it to the world so that they can receive the blessings that I have received my entire life!!! I am so grateful for eternal families!! knowing that I will be separated from mine for two years but that I can live with them forever, really puts some perspective into all of this and makes it a lot easier to serve!!!! I just can't stop thinking about sharing this with the people of Argentina!!
   I am so stoked for Alan!! He will love it here!! How long is he in the MTC for?? I have heard that the Salt Lake Mission is awesome!! One of the highest baptizing around!! Everyone I have talked to said he will love it!!! I really feel like I would have an awesome experience as a missionary no matter where I am at!!!!
  Last night Bishop Edgely from the presiding bishopric spoke to us!! IT was awesome!! I will tell you more about it in my letters home!!! I love all of you and can't wait to hear from ya!! If anyone has anything interesting going on tell them to write me about it!!!
Love, Elder Eppich
Elder Eppich
Provo MTC Mailbox 315
2005 North 900 East
Provo, UT 84604

Thursday, February 2, 2012

MTC Pictures

We had a fun surprise tonight! Kaitlan and Kortneigh's friend that works in the MTC gave them Kraymer's SD card to his camera today and Kortneigh uploaded all these great pictures to my Costco account for me. It is so fun to see him!

                                                         Elder Eppich and Elder Whitby

 Elder Streadbeck and Elder Eppich, MTC Companions
                                     Elder Kraymer Eppich and Elder Paul Eppich, cousins

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

50th Anniversary of the MTC - Week 3

Dear Family,
Well this week flew by as well!! So yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the MTC and everyone was so excited to see who was going to come!!! On Sunday our practice for the Choir was packed there was like 500 people in because that is the only sure way to get in to the gym when the general authorities comes, especially last night cause there was 400 invited guests!! So we decided we were gonnna get there at 345 and we didn't have to be there till like 5, but there was already 300 people waiting to get into line!!! They weren't let in because they were still setting up, so Elder Streadbeck and I started thinking, and I remembered what Jeff Crawford telling me about getting into the gym through some side doors so we went looking! We found a door that was still open!! And looked in and there was like 8 elders in there setting up, so we took off our suit coats and went in there with them, haha no one even noticed we were there, and we saved seats in the front row!!!! HAHAHA so we got front row seats to Elder Holland and Elder Nelson's Talks!!! IT was so awesome!
  They spoke on our sacred calling, that so few of people to live in this world have held, and how we have the obligation to live up to what we are called to do!! It was so sweet!! The spirit was so strong for everyone that was there!!! They both testified of the truthfulness of the book of Mormon!! I was like, just like they are testifying to us, I get to testify to the World of the Truthfulness of the Book! Every time I get to testify of it in Spanish or English, My testimony grows so much! I love it and it is something I would never change for anything!!
   So the last couple times we taught our investigators I can feel my Spanish getting better and the spirit getting stronger! I am hoping within the next week I will give up English for the rest of the time I am here at the MTC! But anyway, when we were teaching if we start with a prayer,  then rely on the Lord I can literally feel the Spirit speaking, I can tell my lips are moving, but I am not the one who knows the Spanish!! It is an incredible feeling to feel the Spirit so closely and to literally have it putting words in your mouth!!
  So this past week one of the districts in our Zone left! They were the ones that lived right next to us and welcomed us when we got here! It is crazy to think how fast time has flown!!! But It is crazy how close we all grew in just over 3 weeks!! I think it is because we are all engaged in the same purpose!!! It reminded me of Alma 17:2 when Alma meets up with the sons of Mosiah!! This Gospel is pretty special because it ties everyone together!!
  So 2 days ago playing basketball, I went off!! I don't know what it is about the MTC but I feel it alot more when Im shooting and stuff here!! HAHAHA I was probably 16 of 24 from the 3 line!! My comp and I think I scored like 60 pts haha in 50 minutes of Gym it was unreal!! I seriously feel like Jimmer cause I will pull up like 8 ft behind the line and just drill it!!! HAHAHAHA Then I can drive and stuff. The other day I stood underneath the rim and jumped straight up and rim went about 3 inches below my wrist! Crazy!! I am getting in pretty good shape and I am still -1 lbs or so ! So i am stoked about that!!!
     I am going to try and give Zach Brady my SD card today, If he is here, he wasn't yesterday though, so we will see. 
That is so sweet that Kade and Karigan are doing so well in Basketball!! I hope they keep on winning and tearing it up!! How is everything else at home going? Well I am gonna get going love ya!!
Elder Eppich