Wednesday, February 1, 2012

50th Anniversary of the MTC - Week 3

Dear Family,
Well this week flew by as well!! So yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the MTC and everyone was so excited to see who was going to come!!! On Sunday our practice for the Choir was packed there was like 500 people in because that is the only sure way to get in to the gym when the general authorities comes, especially last night cause there was 400 invited guests!! So we decided we were gonnna get there at 345 and we didn't have to be there till like 5, but there was already 300 people waiting to get into line!!! They weren't let in because they were still setting up, so Elder Streadbeck and I started thinking, and I remembered what Jeff Crawford telling me about getting into the gym through some side doors so we went looking! We found a door that was still open!! And looked in and there was like 8 elders in there setting up, so we took off our suit coats and went in there with them, haha no one even noticed we were there, and we saved seats in the front row!!!! HAHAHA so we got front row seats to Elder Holland and Elder Nelson's Talks!!! IT was so awesome!
  They spoke on our sacred calling, that so few of people to live in this world have held, and how we have the obligation to live up to what we are called to do!! It was so sweet!! The spirit was so strong for everyone that was there!!! They both testified of the truthfulness of the book of Mormon!! I was like, just like they are testifying to us, I get to testify to the World of the Truthfulness of the Book! Every time I get to testify of it in Spanish or English, My testimony grows so much! I love it and it is something I would never change for anything!!
   So the last couple times we taught our investigators I can feel my Spanish getting better and the spirit getting stronger! I am hoping within the next week I will give up English for the rest of the time I am here at the MTC! But anyway, when we were teaching if we start with a prayer,  then rely on the Lord I can literally feel the Spirit speaking, I can tell my lips are moving, but I am not the one who knows the Spanish!! It is an incredible feeling to feel the Spirit so closely and to literally have it putting words in your mouth!!
  So this past week one of the districts in our Zone left! They were the ones that lived right next to us and welcomed us when we got here! It is crazy to think how fast time has flown!!! But It is crazy how close we all grew in just over 3 weeks!! I think it is because we are all engaged in the same purpose!!! It reminded me of Alma 17:2 when Alma meets up with the sons of Mosiah!! This Gospel is pretty special because it ties everyone together!!
  So 2 days ago playing basketball, I went off!! I don't know what it is about the MTC but I feel it alot more when Im shooting and stuff here!! HAHAHA I was probably 16 of 24 from the 3 line!! My comp and I think I scored like 60 pts haha in 50 minutes of Gym it was unreal!! I seriously feel like Jimmer cause I will pull up like 8 ft behind the line and just drill it!!! HAHAHAHA Then I can drive and stuff. The other day I stood underneath the rim and jumped straight up and rim went about 3 inches below my wrist! Crazy!! I am getting in pretty good shape and I am still -1 lbs or so ! So i am stoked about that!!!
     I am going to try and give Zach Brady my SD card today, If he is here, he wasn't yesterday though, so we will see. 
That is so sweet that Kade and Karigan are doing so well in Basketball!! I hope they keep on winning and tearing it up!! How is everything else at home going? Well I am gonna get going love ya!!
Elder Eppich

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