Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland - "Do Not Let Them Down!"

Family and Friends,

Well this past week I was assigned to be an usher for the Devotional
last night. The whole week I had a feeling that someone good was going
to be coming, and guess what I was right!!
I get in there an hour early to start ushering. They don't tell us who
is coming until the person gets there. So I was walking around and I
found a program for the Devotional in one of the Executive secretaries
seat, so I looked at it and guess who it said would be speaking?!?!
Elder Jeffery R. Holland !! So I strategically placed myself to be
right where I knew he would be walking into!! HAHAHA and sure enough
he walked right past me, about 3 feet away, and just turned and
looked and smiled at me. Right away I could feel his love as well as
the rest of the love the Apostles of the Church have for us.!! He
repeated over and over how much all of them love us and how the World
loves us. He told us a lot of great things that in his own words "
Singed our eyebrows, " I love how he speaks. He made everyone want
to be better!! I know I definitely want to be better now after his
  He talked about how if the church has one image that is universal it
has to be two missionaries riding a bike or walking down a dusty road.
He said to the world we are absolutely perfect and told us, " You do
not have the right to let them down. You better do all you can do to
uphold that image." What hit me even harder was when he said " You owe
it to those Deacons, and to all those young men, to my grandsons, you
owe it to them  to do your best. Do not let them down!!"  It was so
powerful! I want to be the best example I can be so i will definitely
be doing my best!!
  He also talked a lot about the Book of Mormon. He said he fears that
too many people do not rely on the Book of Mormon enough. He said he
has never met someone that has been truly converted who has not
received a significant experience with the Book of Mormon!!! I know
that is true! I can see it in my own lessons! When we can get our
investigators to read the Book of Mormon, They will feel the spirit!!
We just have to help them to realize it. I know that there is no way
that anyone can read the book of Mormon and not feel the spirit, and
know it is true! We just have to help them get to the Book of Mormon
and then they will do the rest on their own, because they will want to
be apart of that great book!!
  I realized I really need to work on  studying the Scriptures even
more because it is so important!!!
     Well this week we had a lot of good experiences with our
investigators!! One of our investigators name is Aurora. She wants to
be baptized but cant until she is married. She has 2 kids with her
Boyfriend who is a member. But her boyfriend doesn't want to be married
for 1 more year!!! So we just kept teaching her and testifying to her.
Then her and her family have been coming to church with us for about 4
weeks now, and I was impressed to ask her To talk to her boyfriend one
more time. He decided to get married! So they are getting married on
march 10 and then we are having a baptism right after!! It is
incredible the blessings that come from following the guidance of the
Holy Ghost! I know that it is important for all of us to follow the
Spirit no matter what the circumstances are!! ( Remember the
investigator thing is fake, it is our teacher being one of the
investigators they had on their mission, so in a way it is real.
Either Way it is really spiritual and a great help!)
   Then with our other investigator who is getting baptized this
Saturday, we had a couple awesome lessons with him! He is a golden
investigator. He gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon and so he
does whatever we ask him to! We had an awesome lesson with him and he
promised he would keep all the commandments we have taught him, and
then we had a Testimony meeting with him. So us three ( Me, My
Companion, and him) All shared our testimonies! It is an awesome
experience seeing someone bear their testimony for the first time!!! I
love it!! I am so grateful I have this opportunity to serve the LORD!!
Love all of you, Love Elder Eppich

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