Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Success Through Obedience


How is everything going for everyone up there? Is the weather as crazy
up there as it is down here? On Sunday it snowed from 6 am until 11
pm and it was accumulating and then melting, accumulating and melting,
so it was pretty weird, it was pretty much all gone by Monday.
Kortneigh had told me a while back to keep an eye out for an Elder
Nash, he is a Mackay looks exactly like all of the MacKay’s from our
area, I don't remember his mom's name he is from Provo though and we
have been playing a lot of basketball together, and he is really good!!!
Then there is another Kid named Elder Clawson and his mom went to
Connell I think, there is a lot of people here that have a lot of
family where we are from!
  It looks like the House is coming along awesome!! That is so sweet!!
I am excited to see all of the changes as they occur!! What are all of
you going to do with Karigan turning 16 in like 5 days? Haha I would
be scared out of my mind, Haha. Things here are better than ever!!
Each Day goes by faster and faster, I think that is a good sign, we
counted and we only have 25 days left in here!!! It seems at times
that it has been a long time that I have been in here then it seems
like I have been only in here a couple days. I think the amount that
we are learning throws us off, because it feels like we have grown in
the language and the gospel year’s worth, but it has only been about a
  This week I feel like my Spanish has made a big jump, in class and
everything I feel like I can understand just about everything. Then
when I am speaking in a lesson I can speak a lot more fluently!! I am
really being blessed a ton!! One of our lessons with our investigator
Javier was incredible!! Elder Streadbeck and I went in and we had
prepared a good lesson for him, and found lots of good scriptures and
then had been praying to have a good lesson and then we went in there
and followed the spirit, he asked a ton of questions that took us on a
lot of different topics that had nothing to do with the lesson that we
had prepared, but that was ok, we just took what he gave us and ran
with it. The spirit was so strong it was unbelievable!! You could see
it in his eyes!!He lit up a lot and was filled with the spirit!! He
was really excited about baptism and is set to get baptized in 2
weeks, (he is our teacher pretending to be one of the investigators
he ran into on his mission.)  Elder Streadbeck and I were so pumped!
Our lessons have been getting a lot better since then, we have really
been focusing on not teaching lessons but teaching the needs of the
investigators! And the spirit has been so much stronger!! I know it is
because we have been studying diligently and praying for guidance and
help! Whatever we put into something the Lord blesses us so much more
then that!!
   I have been able to accomplish things in here that I would not of
thought was possible and I know it is because we are being obedient
and doing what we know we should!!! I heard from Mr. Fitzgerald this
week! And I Got Valentines from Kelten, Gracie, and Kaycee! Kelten
sent me a little spider tattoo, LOL This computer is awful, lol I have
been on here for 50 minutes and it keeps freezing up so I can’t do
anything!! HAHA oh well! Well take care let me know how everything is
going! If anyone has specific questions let me know!!!

Success through obedience, Elder Eppich

15 February 2012

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