Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Book of Mormon and Prayer

Hola!                                                        February 22, 2012

How is everything going back at home? Everything is going so good
here!  Last night at the Devotional we sang Be Still my Soul!! It was so
cool!! We sounded pretty good if you ask me!! HAHA but I don't know
for sure;) The Spanish is coming along pretty good. I gave up English
on Saturday night, and for the most part I am doing pretty good! I can
generally get across what I want to say! So that is way nice! Another
District left our zone this morning so we currently have like 19
people in our zone, but we should be getting 10 more today!! I see
Brad Barber often and sit by him at choir! He is doing really well; he
will be an awesome missionary! I have quite a few pictures so I will
probably send the memory card to Kaitlan or Kortneigh today or
  It sounds like you had an awesome weekend with everyone home and
what not!! Karigan went on her first date.. WHAT??? HAHA So Crazy! I
hope she liked that card!! I am sending one for Dad today! HAHA it is
just a joke one, but I think he will like it!!!  So did everyone have
a good time while at home?? I got the package!! Thanks! All of that is
  So this week learning and teaching wise has been awesome!! I feel
like Elder Streadbeck and I have made huge improvements!!! We have
been focusing a lot on getting the investigators to answer more
questions and to think more about what we are saying so that they can
have more spiritual experiences and make more progress then they
previously were. So we have worked on that and it has definitely
helped a lot!! Our Spanish is getting better as well! We don't really
have to work too much on the Spanish aspect of teaching, we spend a lot
of time thinking of what we can say about what we are planning to say,
then we look up a few scriptures that we feel will help them see the
doctrine behind what we are teaching, but we don't go in there with a
scripted lesson what a lot of people are still trying to do, and for
us this works awesome because we go in there knowing what we could
say, and then depending on what the investigator needs, we can change
our lesson accordingly, so the spirit is always so much stronger as we
do it that way.
    I bet the house looks crazy without the tree there and what not!!
I got the picture of the tree and Karigan’s first date and stuff!!
Looks great!  How is Kade's shoulder going? The
House?? Well I only have like 2.5 weeks left in here!! We should get
our flight plans next Thursday, March 1st. The group that left today
had some visa problems so they got reassigned, but they said our Visas
should be good, because we signed everything last Thursday and they
said it should take 3 weeks, so that should be perfect for us!!!
   This week I have learned a lot about prayer and the Book of
Mormon!! I have learned that on the mission If I will literally pray
every morning and throughout the day I will be guided to those that
are ready for the gospel. We have heard a lot of cool stories about
missionaries that will pray and be led to a street, and then pray
again and be led to a specific door!! So I think I will definitely do
that when I am in the field, because I have a really Strong Testimony
of Prayer and I know that Prayers are always answered and that we will
be lead where we need to go and what we need to do, I have seen that
while I have been in the MTC, and I know it will only magnify out in
the field!!!
   We have to have a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon, if we do,
we will never fall no matter what comes our way we can hang on to that
and be ok, because when we know the Book of Mormon is true, then
everything else about our Church is true. (Book of Mormon
Introduction)  Dad asked if I have any advice that would be good for
his talk on The Holy Ghost! The Holy Ghost is so important in
everything!! Elder Steadbeck and I were talking about how much more
in tune we are with the spirit and how much more we have been learning
because of it!! We made a list of everything that brings the spirit in
to our lives and it is crazy how many things do, but what is more
crazy is how many things will take it away and how quick. I want to
try and never be without the guidance of the Holy Ghost because
without it we are lost. He will literally lead us wherever we need to
go!!!! I know that is true!! Well I hope all is going well!! I love
all of you!!!

Love, Elder Eppich!!

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