Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Good News of the Gospel

Dear Family,
I think today or tomorrow is my half way mark in the MTC!!!! how crazy is that? It seems like I just left!!! Elder Streadbeck and I and another Elder, Elder Winder just got back from the temple, we went early so that we could have breakfast at the Temple!! Holy cow!!! That food is so amazing!!! You would all really like Elder Winder, he is really funny, he really likes Elder Streadbeck and I so he just comes and chills with us! So last week two of our roommates headed out to the Dominican Republic and so Its just Elder Streadbeck and I in the Room!! There are 3 bunk beds so we slid two of them together and so now we each have our own king beds! He gets the top bunk and I get the bottom!!!
  Those pictures of the house are awesome!! I can't believe how fast it is all coming up already!! Everything is going to be so different when I get back!!!! I can't believe Karigan is going to be 16 in like 12 days or something!!! Crazy!! is she going to get her license right away or what is going on with that? So when does Track start up for everyone?
  Everything is going really well in here!! The language is getting better and better!! Starting tomorrow were going to try and give up English!! Crazy huh? I guess it is going to be pretty quiet around here for awhile!! But that's ok!! Ill probably enjoy it!!! Last week I did two days without English and it helps a ton! You begin to think strictly in Spanish and it really helps the lessons that we teach!!! Elder Streadbeck and I are an awesome companionship in my eyes, we get along really well and when we teach were on the same page so we really do a good job!! Our two progressive investigators both have baptismal dates and are really making progress! It is one of the best feelings when someone keeps a commitment and then you get to testify to them how much they will be blessed for it and how much you have been blessed in your own life!! I love this Gospel!! IT really is the Good NEWS!! I can't wait to take it to the world so that they can receive the blessings that I have received my entire life!!! I am so grateful for eternal families!! knowing that I will be separated from mine for two years but that I can live with them forever, really puts some perspective into all of this and makes it a lot easier to serve!!!! I just can't stop thinking about sharing this with the people of Argentina!!
   I am so stoked for Alan!! He will love it here!! How long is he in the MTC for?? I have heard that the Salt Lake Mission is awesome!! One of the highest baptizing around!! Everyone I have talked to said he will love it!!! I really feel like I would have an awesome experience as a missionary no matter where I am at!!!!
  Last night Bishop Edgely from the presiding bishopric spoke to us!! IT was awesome!! I will tell you more about it in my letters home!!! I love all of you and can't wait to hear from ya!! If anyone has anything interesting going on tell them to write me about it!!!
Love, Elder Eppich
Elder Eppich
Provo MTC Mailbox 315
2005 North 900 East
Provo, UT 84604

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