Thursday, January 26, 2012

Week Two

Dear Family,
Ok time for some speed typing! HAHAHA
Wow the time is flying here two weeks already!! It doesn't seem like it has been 2 weeks already!! I have learned a ton! And I am loving it! We do the same thing everyday so there isn't really anything that is new or different, just a ton of spiritual experiences between last week and this week that is all I can remember haha!! Well rumor has it that the Prophet and his counselors are coming here for the devotional next week! Cause it is some big anniversary here!! I bet it will be broadcasted some time! Look for me cause I am the anchor in the Choir!! HAHAHAHA I joined so when David Archuleta shows up I can show him a thing or two!!
    Yesterday I taught the entire first lesson in Spanish!! No notes or anything just my Spanish Scriptures and Bible!! And I challenged her to baptism and she said she would prepare to be baptized in 3 weeks!! It was super spiritual and every time I bear my testimony or pray in Spanish my testimony grows and I love It!!! I've been working hard and I can see the blessings! This Gospel Is completely unfair, in the sense that as soon as your obedient to one commandment you are blessed with like 50 more blessings! I guess I shouldn't complain about that though should I? HAHA on Sunday we sang the Mormon Tabernacle rendition of "Called to Serve" with all 3000 of us missionaries!!! It was without doubt the most spiritual experience of my life. I could literally feel the presence of angels and could almost see them I felt!!! It was seriously incredible. I wish there was a way you all could hear IT!!!
  So how is everything going at home? Basketball? I can't remember how all the games went. I think I remember hearing the boys are starting to play basketball? About time.. HAHAHA I'm finally learning how to play basketball here!!  You got a ton of snow??? What the Heck? As soon as I leave??? Wow!!  It has snowed everyday here for the past 3 days but always melts!! lame!! but my district had a pretty killer snowball fight! It was so much fun!!!  How is school and everything going for everyone.. Work? Heard the water tank had so problems!! That stinks!! There are a few kids going to Lubbock Texas next week and I told them to look for Elder Nate Eppich!!! I have lots of good pictures I will send some this week hopefully. Well my time is up! Ill send everyone a hand written letter as well! The Gospel Is true!!! Don't ever Doubt it!!! Love you all!!!

"Bringing to Pass His Work and Glory"
Elder Eppich

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