Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First Letter from the MTC!

We finally got a letter from Elder Eppich today in the mail! Yay! I was so excited. I wasn't expecting one in the mail. When I saw the return address saying "Elder Eppich" It looked just like Nate's handwriting and I thought, "oh good I got a letter from Nate!" But then I quickly saw the return address and knew is was my baby boy! :) The letter was written on a "Form letter" telling of his branch president and just basic information. It included a space to write a quick note to his family. So here it is..

Dear Family,

Well all is going well! I haven't been homesick yet because there is no time to be! Haha We seriously have no time to do anything but learn the language and the Gospel. The language is going awesome! I've already learned a ton! Teaching wise I feel like I have a good handle on things, so Kade and everyone prepare, read your scriptures and read Preach My Gospel. You will be so much ahead! The food is awesome! I haven't seen Elder Whitby yet!! I've seen everyone else often though! My companion is awesome. His name is Elder Streadbeck from Morgan, UT. He is probably 6'5" and weighs 235-240#! Great guy, pretty athletic. He has a strong testimony and very diligent! I hope we get to serve together down in Argentina cause I think we would have a lot of success! So how is basketball going? Have there been any games yet? How's everything else? Well I love everyone! Thanks for everything! I haven't been able to check email or mail yet, but will soon! My pday is Wednesdays. Love you! Elder Eppich

Headed to the MTC

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