Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Crazy Week!

Dear Family,
   Wow this has been a crazy week! Everything about the MTC is crazy in a good way of course!! It is a lot better then I could of imagined. From everyone I had heard that the first week is awful and if you can make it through the week then you are set for the rest of your mission! Well I made it! And it wasn't hard at all! It was awesome! My companion Is named Elder Streadbeck, If your curious what he looks like just imagine Sam Bradford but my size and you got his identical twin! HAHAHA we have the same personalities and everything! He is an awesome guy and has a great testimony of the Gospel! We work perfectly together so it is easy to study and teach everyone!! My zone and district is awesome! We are all literally a family. It seems like we have known each other for years and I give credit to the fact that everyone is so full of the Spirit! Everyone is full of LOVE and always want to help you out as much as they can!
    The Spanish is coming along great! Ive already learned more then I did at the High School, no offense Mrs. Olsen ;), Just the fact we have the Lord and Spirit with us we can accomplish things that we never thought were possible! That goes for everything! The first day we got here we learned to Pray in Spanish and then the next day we taught a Lesson in Spanish!! Vacca Santo! (Holy Cow) HAHA It obviously is far from perfect Spanish but our investigator got the message... I Think! HAHA But my Comp and I found a way that really helps to learn Spanish. I would read out loud from the Spanish Book of Mormon then I would go back through and try to translate it to him in English!! I can definitely translate it to the correct meaning! So Sweet!!
  Well I am guessing you are all curious how the food is and what not, Well its awesome! HAHA But my goal is to not gain any weight, so I have a salad with every meal and then have a big bowl of fruit! No POP or Chocolate Milk for me:( But I get to workout every day! I play alot of Basketball, but then my foot started acting up, Mom can you check and see if they offer Cortizone shots here? If not not a big deal i can just stay away from basketball and keep lifting weights. I have lost 2 lbs so far!! Most people have gained about 5 so I think Im doing well!! I Haven't seen David Archuleta yet, haha!
But I have seen everyone else I have been looking for! And pictures! I saw Elder Bleazard, Beus, Knight, Eppich, all the very first day then I couldn't find Elder Whitby anywhere!!!! HAHA Then he ended up finding me in my dorm. We live right next to each other I guess! Haha So each night he comes over and checks on me! HAHA He is loving the MTC as much as I do! The Language is going great for him as well. We can actually understand what each other is saying so that is awesome!
  That is awesome that Kade and Karigan are doing well! What's their records? How's Kade's shoulder and Karigan's hand? How's school and work going for everyone else? I have heard from everyone and that helps a lot! I see Zack Brady about every day so thats way fun, maybe he will get the courage to play me in some basketball. I wish I was as good in High School as I am now! HAHA I can't miss! Seriously It is nuts everyone wants me on their team! Escpecially the Hermanas, but I think it is because Im pretty cute;) HAHA
  My MTC Teacher knows Kaitlan and Kyle Merrill? He hasnt said anything to me about that. hahaha he is seriously one of the coolest guys I know he is 6'7" and the funniest guy ever. he gives us all kinds of updates about the real world and then we help him out with his dating Life haha!! I have learned so much from him!
  I have been lucky cause I feel when it comes to doctrine stuff I am quite a ways ahead of everyone, so who ever is gettine ready to serve, start preparing now becasue you will have so much of an advantage! I havent been homesick yet because there is no time to think about that stuff. lol So as long as I stay focused on positive things then everything goes well!
   If you guys get the chance watch Elder Hollands 2006 Devo at the MTC called "Missions are Forever" it is seriously the best talk I  have ever seen in my whole life! Well I'lll talk to you later! LOVE EVERYONE!!! THIS GOSPEL IS TRUE WITHOUTH A DOUBT.
"Bringing to pass His Work and Glory"
Love, Elder Eppich
MTC playing basketball during PE

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