Monday, November 5, 2012

"I know the Lord always blesses those that are following His commandments"

"the field is white and ready to harvest"
November 5, 2012

Wow what a crazy weird week, lots of ups and downs and lots of great
experiences!  We had the mission tour with Elder Zabollas and his
wife, and then With President and Sister Carter. It was really good! I
really learned a lot and I am excited to apply what I learned. They
talked a lot about focusing on teaching families and men, as they
generally bring members who stick around and stay active. They also
talked about never judging people and thinking they will never be
baptized. We always need to imagine people in white, and imagine them
with the potential they have which is a son or daughter of God. It was
really good! They also focused on working with the members to do the
missionary work, because it is so much more effective. I don’t know if
I told you or not, but I don’t knock on doors down here, or clap at the
front of houses, I only work with members and ask for references and
then visit them. Between that and talking with people in the street, I
don’t have time to knock or clap doors. Haha that’s the way to do
missionary work, because it is a lot easier to find people that have a
lot of interest.
   The only bad part about the meeting is that we had to leave
Wednesday to travel to get there, and then Thursday we had the meeting
then on Friday we got back to our area, so we lost about 2 days of
work, and without any sleep, Haha. It was definitely worth it though.
We really are working really hard here and have a ton of good
investigators and should be able to have 4 to 6 baptisms this month of
November.  This Saturday we should have a baptism with a guy named
Gonzalo. He is 28 and looks like cousin Michael Anderson, just a lot
shorter. Haha. He is married and his wife Victoria was going to be
baptized but we have to wait 2 weeks with out here smoking, so she
is going to be baptized on my birthday instead!!! And her husband
Gonzalo is going to do it! We also have a few other people that should
be baptized in the following weeks. The parents of Victoria and
gonzalo, a boy named Milton, a son of the family that feeds us and
does our laundry, his name is Ezekiel. He is a really good kid. We
have been working super hard and it is going to be super nice to be
able to see results from all our hard work!!
  The piano,..... Haha I am getting better. I don’t have time to
practice so I am doing all of it on the fly. Haha luckily I can laugh
off any bad note. My left hand is starting to be trained to be able to
play as well.
 Tomorrow we have to go to Buenos Aires Capital to do some visa stuff
for Elder Crowther. Everything is going really well here. I am loving
it, and I know the Lord always blesses those that are following his
commandments. This week I had a really cool experience. We had an
investigator that was having desires to commit suicide. So we knelt
down to pray and I knew we needed to read Alma 34 with her. So we did
the next day and it helped her so much. I know the lord always guides
us. He is waiting on our every action just waiting to hear from us!
Id encourages all of you to read Alma 34 especially the last half. I
love the last verse!! Love you all. So excited to hear how volleyball
does, where Kade gets called, and who wins election tomorrow. Hasta la semana
que viene! les Amo, Elder Eppich
It appears this is why he has lost 30#...lots of walking. I emailed this photo to Mr. MAC in orem where we purchased all his clothing and shoes. They have sent a new pair to us free of charge.

He looks a little sad...then I realized it's because they aren't double stuffed oreos :)

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