Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Elder Eppich "I'll have 20 years"

November 12, 2012

FAHH what a crazy week!!! Congratulations Karigan and Volleyball!!!
Congratulations Kade with your mission call!!! Africa! Haha awesome.
Everyone here was hoping that you would come here, but that’s ok,
Africa is awesome!  We had a really good crazy week. haha. We had to
travel to capital because my comp had to do visa stuff. But I just
stayed in the offices and did some work there with some of the
missionaries, it was pretty fun. well we got there and then we got a
message from our investigators and members saying that they had gotten
in a fight and that they were going to stop stuff with the church and
stuff. We were super sad because we are doing all we can for them and
they have such strong testimonies, and know how important baptism is.
So we get back and talked with them and helped them fix the problems
that they were having and hopefully all is good now. We are just hoping
that they can be baptized this weekend, and we would have 3 people
this weekend that should be baptized. Victoria, Gonzalo, and Milton. We
are praying for a miracle that all will turn out for them. So keep on
praying that we can baptize them 3 this week.
  It is crazy next week we have transfers already. Elder Krausse
thinks that Elder Crowther is leaving. I’m not sure, I don’t think so
but Elder Krausse always is right when it comes to stuff like this.
haha so I guess we will see.
   This week we found a few really good people and are really hoping
that things work out good for them as well. Yesterday we had 25 people
at church. A new Record for Saladillo. That was really exciting, we're
pretty close to becoming a branch.
  This week my testimony was strengthened even more about prayer and
scripture study. Whenever I need to find an answer or anything like
that I always pray and start to read and the answer always comes. It
is such a blessing!
  This week we have been teaching a lot of people about families and
the importance of the family and how the family can stay strong in
these difficult times and made me realize how lucky I am to have a
strong family that is super close. I love being able to testify to
people that the gospel blesses families.
  Bummer that Mitt Romney lost, everyone here informed us that Obama
won, it is pretty funny how they are all really into all the stuff
that happens in the states.
  Everything is going really well, thanks for all of the birthday
wishes and cards and packages! Can’t believe I’ll have 20 years here in
a little bit. That is crazy!!! Thanks for everything. Love you all.
Love, Elder Eppich

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