Monday, November 19, 2012

I am on Top of the World!

November 19, 2012

Wow i am glad this past week came to an end and that everything turned
out so well. It was a pretty stressful week and one of the hardest
weeks of my mission! It was a different hard. It has been so hard to
get Milton, Victoria, and Gonzalo ready for baptism. Some obstacle
always comes up. Satan was trying so hard to get them not to be
baptized. For the past transfer there were always problems. Just when i
thought that we had climbed the last mountain, we ran into something
bigger!! It has been like that this whole transfer. But right when i
thought we wouldn’t be able to get over it, we saw miracle after
miracle. I had never felt so close and sad for my investigators as I
did this week and transfer, and i have never felt as happy for
investigators as they were all baptized on my birthday!!  I really
know that the lord has something really special planed for them
because Satan worked so hard to stop them from being baptized! For
that I am really excited to see what they are going to be doing in the
near future. We are going to work really hard with them to get them
going on missionary work and then getting them ready for the temple. In
a year they will be going to the temple. Probably that last part of my
misison! So crazy!! I am so excited for them!
    So on Monday after we went to do email and stuff in 25 de mayo, we
went and ate Peludo, it is like armadillo. Haha it tastes like pork but
not as much flavor. I sent a picture, hope you can see it. When we got
back we had some problems here, but when and took care of them right
away and that is when Victoria and Gonzalo told us they wanted to be
baptized on Friday on my birthday so we said of course! Then we talked
with Milton and he was really hesitant because his grandma absolutely
hates the church but his mom is a member and wanted him to be baptized.
So Victoria came with us and we talked to him and took care of his
problems and he decided to be baptized on Friday as well with Victoria
and Gonzalo. It was really cool to see Victoria bear testimony to him.
She will help us a lot with missionary work. And they have a car so
that is nice. haha
    Then the next day Elder Krausse came to do the baptism interviews
and they all passed with flying colors. haha then the rest of the time
before the baptism we just got everything ready made sure all the
details were good and they felt ready. We found a couple good families
this week that we think have a lot of potential so we will see what we
can do with them this week. We have transfers this week and we are not sure
what will happen, I guess we will see.
  All in all this week was awesome. I really learned a lot and was
definitely guided by the spirit more than ever before and that is
always the best feeling in the world. Then having 3 people baptized on
my birthday was incredible. I am on top of the world! I can’t believe
that it’s almost Christmas! Hope you all have a great thanksgiving!! I
think that it is this week. Love you thanks for everything and good
luck with everything!
Love, Elder Eppich



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