Monday, September 24, 2012

I love teaching the Plan of Salvation!

September  24, 2012

Sorry for the short letter beforehand.  Well, this week was really good. We didn’t have a baptism but we had a lot of good lessons, with some really powerful spiritual experiences!! I love teaching the plan of salvation! It is my favorite to teach because it gives me so much comfort and joy to have this plan! I hope I don’t scare the people because I really get in to it. lol but what a perfect plan that it is! It is starting to get hot here! Really hot! but I’m not too worried about it because supposedly we’re changing apartments to the senior couple that is here that leaves in 2 weeks.
And their apartment has air conditioning!! All right!!! Their name is De la Cruz. They are from Boston, and are awesome. They are like grandparents!! Super happy and funny. They always call us and ask if we want to eat and have ice cream with them. We always say yes! Haha Well, I have to get going time to go do work! Love you all! Next week will be better I promise!!! Thanks for all of your support and love and prayers! You’re all in my prayers too!

Elder Kraymer Todd Eppich

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