Monday, September 17, 2012

"Our Prayers Are Always Answered"

Juan and his Family
September 17, 2012


Wow what an awesome week filled with miracles!!  So I don’t remember if I told you last week about the investigator that we had that said he didn’t want anything to do with us anymore and that he was going to return to his church and continue worshiping the virgin of Lujan ( the picture mom put on the package was this Virgin. LOL)  well we were with a family here that always gives us references, when he told us that. And the father Bajò la caña. Dropped the Cain.  He told him he was making an awful descion and it would come back to haunt him, and that one day he would come to him and apologize for not accepting it, and it would be too late.  So I kept praying for him that he would change his mind and I had a feeling he would. Then on Monday this
family called us and said Elders can you come over, Juan is here and has something to say! We knew he had changed his mind!! So we booked it over there and he told us, “I went home said a prayer and know that God wants me to baptized in this church.”  Can I still be baptized this weekend! Haha I had a smile like the Grinch!! Our prayers were answered and so were his!! Our prayers are always answered! I know that for sure!!! We had a wonderful baptism on Saturday and then the confirmation on Sunday!
  I still love this area! Even more now when I saw a huge John Deere tractor driving down the road. I am going to drive one, hahah or at least get a picture on one!! There are grain bins! It is an awesome area! I hope I get to spend a lot of time here!!
  So I don’t remember if I told you about the bikes or not, but we ride bikes, and if someone told me they were made more than 100 years ago, I’d believe them. Well , anyways I have been having a lot of problems with mine, and things were really starting to crack and break. Then one day riding down the street it broke in half! I felt it starting to give so I jumped! Lol very funny. This week they are going to bring us brand new ones. I am so excited. lol  Everyone tells me usted es muy pesado. lol I’m not going to tell you what it means, lol jk, it means "you’re heavy". lol. We have a lot of investigators, and the following week I’ll tell you more, because we have to go now! Love you all so much
take care!! Tell grandpa and grandma I love them!!
 Love, Elder Eppich
portable baptismal font they use

grain silos in the"Campos" - country

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