Monday, September 3, 2012

It is Great to be a Missionary!!


Fah, what a crazy week!! Elder Wells and I started the week off really
good and worked hard! I had a feeling I was going to be transferred but
tried not to show it and we just worked really hard and found a lot of
good investigators!   I told the families that i found and taught that
I was leaving, and they all cried and said no you cant leave! It is
crazy how good of realtionship you can build in such a short time!! I
know that it is because they can feel the love that our savior has for
them through us!!  It is great to be a missionary!!!  Then on tuesday
the zone leaders called me and told me I was leaving and I knew that I
was going to be going to chivilcoy, or campos.  there is like 16 of us
in campos. we are about4 or 5 hours from the rest of the mission. it
is a huge area with ton of farm land and then one big city in the
middle. the city is really nice and super calm. I can walk around with
my camera and money and no one will bug us! The only bad thing is we
have to ride on bikes, not a bad thing, just my lower half of my body
hurts a ton! Haha I was sad that I had to leave elder wells, but I am
stoked with my new comp Elder Krausse from Buenos Aires. He has about 2.5 months left. we are going to work really hard so we can finish his
missionstrong with a lot of baptisms!!  We had 2 this past weekend!
The plans were that he would baptize one then me the other, but the
thing with the branch that I am serving there isnt many priesthood
holders, about 3. and non came to preside or direct the meeting or be
witnesses for the baptism. So we decided that I would preside and
direct and be one of the witnesses so that we didnt have to change the
baptismal day! We are a branch so we have a housethat we meet in, and the baptismal font is a little portable pool!!! Hahaha it is so cool.
The branch we are in had an assitence of 15 until about 3 months ago
and now its about 38. if we can get to 50 they will build a capilla,
or a church. So that is our goal is to get an assitance above 50!!!
The mission is awesome!!! I am so stoked to hear about Austin Fox!! A fellow argentine!! He will love it!! That mission is a lot different
then mine. He will love it too!! Well i got to get going! Love yall!
Elder Eppich

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