Monday, August 27, 2012

"What an Awesome week that we had here in ARGENTINA!!"

August 27, 2012

What an awesome week that we had here in ARGENTINA!! First of all we
had the baptism with Brisa on Friday night!! We tried to have the
bishop baptize her so that she could have a good tie to the ward, but
he had to be a guide at the temple. Anyway, she asked me to do it and
I agreed!!  So most of the week was focused on getting everything
prepared for her baptism and making sure we did the interviews and all
the necessary stuff.
  Then on Friday we went and filled up the font, I made sure it was
nice and hot so I didn’t freeze, lol probably cost the ward a pretty
penny, jaja jk. Then the service went really good and her mom Jackie
was really sad and happy. sad that she couldn’t be baptized but happy
that her daughter could be! I know that she will follow her example!
  Then Saturday was the day for the temple. IT was raining and cold
all week long. We were so nervous. But we prayed all week long and
just hoped for good weather. We were also nervous because the frias
family didn’t really want to make the 2.5 hr trip to the temple with
their little daughter, but we just kept promising it will be worth it.
So we went to bed Friday night and it was raining and super windy,
however I was pretty calm that we were gonna be going to the temple! I
woke up and looked outside and not a cloud in sight!! I can’t explain
how good I felt in that time it was awesome!!!!  So then we embarked
for the temple!! It was a fun trip with everyone we took collectivos
and trains to get there and when we got there it was incredible! IT
felt awesome to be at the temple again!
  We went through one time and it was incredible! The family didn’t
have an incredible experience because the guide spoke really quietly
and they couldn’t hear him and their baby was crying. Then we left the
baby with the grandma and went through again! It was so much more
special for them! When we got to the celestial room, Erika frias just
started crying, and then after that we went to the sealing room and
she stood in front of the mirrors with her husband and started crying
even more hard!  Afterwards she just kept saying I want to come back
and be married here! It was incredible I know that they will be! Our
goal is within 2 months to baptize them!!!
  Then we waited for their parents to go through as we waited with the
baby. We were in a big tent where the people walk around and talk with
missionaries and stuff like if they aren’t members and have questions.
There were missionaries that were designated to talk to them and stuff
like that. But they were all busy. So a guide came and told me there
is a family that has lots of questions and wants books of Mormons. So
I jumped on that, who cares if they can’t understand me. hahah so I
went and started talking with them and the spirit was so strong!! They
asked when their children can be baptized, and stuff like what was
that feeling in our hearts we want that again. I explained them all
our basic beliefs and the restoration and they were saying, we don’t
understand how you have so much knowledge you have, and how good we feel
talking with you and things like that. They were like you Spanish is
so good. It was an incredible feeling the spirit was so strong and the
mom looked exactly like Chelsi chamberlain from Moses lake it was
really funny. But they are awesome and will be baptized one day.  I
wish they lived in our area!! Well I got to go! Take care love all of
you! Good luck with school and everything. I will keep everyone in my
Love Elder Kraymer Todd Eppich

Brisa and her family, LaPerlita Argentina
(look how skinny he is! He has to wear suspenders lol)
Elder Eppich and Brisa

Elder Eppich at Buenos Aries Temple open house

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