Monday, August 20, 2012

We had an awesome week!

August 20, 2012


Haha first of all I love the rain!! Hahaha and my irrigation boots. It
has rained for 10 days straight, and yesterday we had a beautiful day
nice and warm and no rain. Then it started back up today! HAHAH it is
awesome though because there is a ton of thunder and lightning as well
and you all know how much I love storms!!  It’s pretty funny because I
think if we started building an arc today people wouldn’t say anything,
probably just help or something. lol  But lots of time with the rain
people are more willing to let us in to their houses so that is always
super nice and I am really excited for that!!!
  Wow! we had an awesome week! I really want all of you to know that
miracles still do happen! I am sure you all know that already!! Well
Brisa is going to be baptized this Friday!!! Her mom and everyone are
supporting her and we are super excited for them!! The mom said I want
her to go to church and be baptized so she can set the example for me,
Ronald, and mia, (The rest of the family that isn’t members) She said
once we get married we will all be baptized! They all came to church
yesterday and loved it! So we are hoping this will get them going and
that they can get married soon! I am hoping for the first of next
  That’s awesome about the missionary calls and I am really excited to
have someone else joining me down here in Argentina!!!  School should
be starting up pretty soon right? I bet all of you are really excited,
haha not! Hope all works out good with school and everything! How’s
Connell football looking like? Hopefully coach riner can give me the
scoop, Haha.
   This transfer has flown by! This is our last week of the transfer
and then next week we have transfer meetings! We won’t know what will
happen till next week.  Normally we have pdays on Wednesdays for the
transfer meeting but for some reason it is still on Monday next week.
Maybe we are going to be getting a surprise or something. Haha
    Yesterday we had 6 investigators in church! It was such an awesome
feeling to be able to be a small part of someone receiving the
opportunity of feeling of the love of our heavenly father!
  That is an awesome picture of all of the guy cousins!!! Everyone
looks really good!
Always remember how important it is to seek guidance from the
scriptures and I know it will change our lives as we always strive to
seek personal revelation and guidance!! Tell Kacie good luck with her
    Hope all is going well and thank you all so much for all of the
support!!! Until next week!  Love Elder Eppich

p.s. do the weeks fly by for all of you there?

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