Monday, August 13, 2012

The Refiner's Fire


This week was definitely a growing week for me. I got my first
Argentine bug and had to spend the day in bed. I should have stayed a
few days but thanks to you guys I am too stubborn for that and went to
work anyways. HAHA Well I am sure you remember about our
investigators... Jackie told us she had been lying to us and has been
breaking the law of chastity with her bf and doesn’t want to change
that so she said she still knows it’s true but doesn’t want to have him
move out yet and she is just going to wait to be baptized until she can
be married. She said her daughter could still be baptized! But they
didn’t come to church and won’t answer our calls or anything so we are
not sure what is going on.  Really sad the first time I have
cried on my mission.... I know right now that the lord is sending me
through the refiners fire and that through this I can either help it
change me and become the best instrument in his hands that I can be,
or I can let it ruin me and just be an average person! I am determined
to become the best I can be so the Lord can know that he can always
count on me and that he can trust me with his sons and daughters! I
realized this week that the things the mission is preparing me for
isn’t just for the next year and a half, but it is more for the next 80
years of my life and for the eternities. It really gave me a
perspective that I can not waste a single minute of my mission and
that I need to do all I can to become what the lord has planned for
   On a brighter note about our investigators we have this
family, Family Frias. They are awesome and we are going to the temple
open house with them next Monday!! So I am not sure how email will
work next week, but either way I am so excited for this opportunity
they are an awesome family that is receiving the lessons really good
and they just need to be married so that is what we are working on
right now and hope the temple will help them speed up the process!!!
 I really want to testify to all of you about the importance of
scriptures and prayer.. If you have any question at all start with a
prayer and ask our heavenly father for help and tell him what you are
looking. Next go to the scriptures and listen to the spirit and it
will guide u to the answers all you have to do is listen and follow
it!!  I know this church is true and that through these things we
really can find more happiness then we thought was possible. I am
constantly reminded of this as I focus more and more in this work..
Thanks for everything love all of you!! Take care!! 
Love, Elder

I'm not quite sure why Kraymer sent this picture to me. It was the only one he sent today. I kinda wish he hadn't! ha. I think I know where he got the Argintine bug from..... I think he is showing me that he is using the peanut butter I sent him.

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