Monday, August 6, 2012

"I can't believe how much I missed showering inside"

August 6, 2012

Hola Familia!

How is everyone doing?!  I am doing really well!!!! This week was
awesome!!!  Well it was doing really awesome up until yesterday:( Only
2 of our investigators came to church and we had plans for about 10.
That is the hardest part of the mission for me!! I feel really happy
for the ones that came, but really sad for the ones that didn't. i feel
like this week we worked really hard and had some lessons really
spiritual that I know helped people come unto Christ, and I thought we
were going to seem them all in church, The morning of church they all
said they were coming, but then didn't show up!! OH well!! I know We
did our part, still is a little frustrating though!!!  Well i received
all the dear Elders from Elders Andersen, Benson, Eppich, Hawkins, and
Riggs! I loved hearing from them and seeing how well they are doing!!
I´d love you could continue sending me those!!!!!   While i read all
of theirs i thought it would be a good idea to give a specific update
about our investigators, so you can know a little about them and give
me advice if you have any!  We have this guy named Jose. He is
absolutely crazy. If he spoke English he would remind me of Mr.
Fitzgerald, because of this I love him and imagine i am teaching Mr.
Fitzgerald!! (Could you forward my letters to Mr. Fitzgerald)  He
loves john Wayne movies and is always asking me about my horses and
stuff, because he thinks I have horses because I live on a farm. HAHA
very funny.. He has change a ton and has a really strong desire to be
baptized. His only problem is he is trying to give up smoking. He is
down to like half a cigarette every couple of days. So we are really
hopeful he will be able to baptized on the 18th!!  Then we have a mom
and daughter named jackie and brisa. They are from Peru and they are
awesome!!!  They have been being taught for like 3 months now, and
want to be baptized but are just a little scared i think, because they
are worried about their friends and what they will think about them!!!
 We had a really good lesson with them and they are going to be
baptized the 18th as well!!   We are teaching a guy named Jose as well
and he had/has a tough life. He was in jail for a while, didn't have
work, had to take care of his sick mom, and he was just super
depressed.  However, since we came around everything is turning around
for him. He has a job, his mom is doing better, he is more happy, and
everything is tranquillo!! He thinks it is because of us! We are just
trying to help him realize that it really is not us but it is heavenly
father that is blessing him with these things because he is keeping
the commandments. He wants to be baptized!
   We had a really cool experience last week. We were heading back to
the pension and doing contacts. We were on the opposite side of the
street and i saw this older guy and had the impression to wave, Which
is pretty weird here now that i think about it, and he got a big smile
on his face and waved back. We kept walking and i just had the feeling
that i needed to go talk to him, but i was pretty nervous because it
was dark and he would think we were la drones (thieves) but we did
anyway and started talking to him. he was really cool! he has 71 years
and is kinda crazy too!! But knows that god is guiding his life and
doesn't believe in coincidences. So we talked a little and set up a
return appointment.  When we went to the return appointment, he was
just telling his life story and how he has been protected by god all
his life and things like that, so i just shared the book of Mormon
with him and told him ¨I know God has been protecting you and guiding
you to us at this time, and that he has something very special for you
planned, and you need to listen to us to find this.´ That is a brief
translation  but the spirit was super strong and he said he would read
some and pray!! We went back 3 days later, and he said ´lo siento yo
solomente pude leer un medio de su libro.´ Sorry i could only read
half of your book. I was trying to think of a pamphlet we left him and
then i realized he was talking about tthe book of mormon!!  He said he
knows it is true! so we are really excited for him and cant wait till
our next appointment!!!   Oh Good News WE are now showering inside!!
Haha i cant believe how much i missed showering inside!! It was so
nice, lol     Um we can actually go to the temple open house one time
if we have an investigating family with us, so we have plans to go and
are really excited.. Um President Eyring, Elders Ballard and
Christofferson are coming to the dedication and the cultural event.
Then they will have a special fireside with the three missions here in
Buenos Aires.. Then there is a culture event the night before the
dedication at a huge soccer station here. The missionaries from these
three missions will all enter together marching in or something!! I am
so excited!!!!  Everything is going really good here!!!   Oh this week
it rained a ton!! Haha the water was up to like our mid-calfs at time
and there was some crazy thunderstorms and stuff as well. So i bought
some irrigation boots and i felt at home. haha I guess during the
summer here they will get flash floods and the water will be up to mid
thigh or something in different places! That will be cool! Hahah
Thank you so much for all the prayers and thoughts from everyone! I
can feel all the extra strength daily!!!!!

 Love, Elder Kraymer Todd

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