Monday, July 30, 2012

Do Whatever you Can to Have the Spirit with you Always!


Thank you so much for the package!! It was awesome!!!! I am going to
ration it so i have some for a while!!!!! I have already opened the
peanut butter and had peanut butter and oreos... haha I almost died,
for real. hahahah  Haha how was the cabin? Was the whole family up
there?  Oh I don't know if I have lost weight, I think I have lost a
bit. don't know how though!!  sorry this computer is awful and I  don't
have a ton of time!!!  Yea elder wells knows Kiersten. hahaha too
funny! Um this week was really good!!!! We are finding a ton of
investigators right now and setting a lot of baptismal dates with a
lot of people!! This Aaugust should be a big month Elder Wells and I have
a lot of high goals!!! We are really trying to follow the spirit
more fully!! It really is something awesome when we follow the spirit
and it will literally tell us all things that we should say and do!!!
I love that feeling and know that is essential to have as a
missionary, and truthfully for everyone!!! Do whatever you can to have
the spirit with you always!!! Well I have to go I am really sorry that
is a short letter hopefully next week will better!!!!!  Hopefully the
pictures will make up for the lack of letter! Oh but before I forget
we did this trick called tea of tobacco where you put the contents of
a cigarette in water and then boil it and then the person that is
trying to stop smoking has to drink it. We did this and our
investigator threw up a lot. haha now he has no desire to smoke!!! Oh
also, this week I had to teach gospel principles, in Spanish!!1 Hahaha
it is definitely a miracle that I can do that!! The lord is blessing
me so much and I am so grateful for that!!! If at times you feel like
you are lacking a few blessings remember you need to be more
obedient!!! Thank you so much for all the love and Support!!

Love you all,

6 month mark. Burning the tie tradition.
 Elder Kraymer Todd Eppich

Share the gospel with everyone it will change their lives forever!!!!

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