Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Week Full of Firsts


This week was full of a lot of firsts lol! I cut my companion's hair!
Haha don´t ask for pictures it doesn't look too good, I had to use only
scissors or however you spell it. lol he started to kind of just trim
it then messed up and was like ¨"Elder, Ayudame" haha so I had to go
and cut the rest, the front looks good but the back looks like a
lawnmower had a broken blade lol but he cant see the back so we are
all good!!! I think I am going to buy a hair cutting thing here they
aren't super expensive and would definitely save me some money! I will
practice on other elders before I cut my own hair! Haha
Then the other first was brownies! I made brownies on my own from
scratch without a recipe! Hahahaha surprisingly they tasted really
good, the only thing was it was more like a cake because I used a
little too much flour, and I made them last night and they turned out a
whole lot better!!! Haha
Then the other thing I made was spaghetti with a white sauce. I am
not going to lie it was pretty good! I was impressed and I am sure you
all would be too! However, don't expect it when I get home because I
think I am being blessed lol.
Well everyone has been asking me about the food so I'll talk about
that, lol. I love the food down here!! We eat spaghetti probably 2 or
3 times a week. It is different but it is so good, they put meat in
with the sauce and everything, it is super good! Then we have pizza
every once and a while. And we have this stuff called millanesa, it is
awesome! It is like chicken patties and sometimes they use carne, or
cow meat instead and then chicken fry it. They also have awesome
bread! They have bakeries everywhere and they sell like 1 kilo for 5
pesos so that is about 2 lbs for a dollar or so, and the bread is
french style. It is seriously so good! Um they drink a ton of pop and
especially coca cola but missionaries cant drink that so we have a lot
of tang! I haven't been sick from anything yet, except I think I have
drank some water that we didn't know wasn't filtered, we have to boil or
use bleach with anything we drink, so i have had an upset stomach
once. But i am doing great!
This week was a little tough with our investigators.. A lot of them
fell through on their commitments and didn't come to church on Sunday.
(dad we have a ward, there is about 80 people on average) (Haha its
funny everyone here likes American music but don´t understand it, lol
so I explain what it means. Right now in the cyber or Internet cafe
they have Katie perry playing.. Hahahahe)
This week I really had a change of view of these people here. All
the sudden I just had a feeling after someone rejected us, "do you
not realize what we have to offer you? I am trying to help you ?" It
really is difficult when they reject you, not because you don´t get to
teach or the things missionaries want to do,but it is because you
realize what they are missing out on, and we may be their only chance
on having eternal families. I think this change that is happening in
me is something that will make me a better missionary.
However, all the tough times are all worth it when you can feel the
spirit testify to people that your words are true. And you know that
you are the answer to their prayers!!
Something that i have learned this week is that Satan will kick ya
and kick ya before something really important happens. So whenever you
are feeling down and are wondering why, realize it is because our
Savior has something important planned for you very soon, and Satan
doesn't want that to come to pass! When we can realize that it helps so much!!
Thanks for everything! Love ya have a great week!

Elder Eppich

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