Monday, June 25, 2012

The Work Continues

First baptism in LaPerlita

La Perlita - First area serving in BAW

June 24, 2012


this week was crazy!! It was an awesome week though as well! We had
exchanges this week and I was with one of our zone leaders named elder
kezerian or something from Utah. His grandpa is president packer. lol.
We had a great time!  We were tracting one day and found this lady. At
first she wasn’t very interested at all and kinda ignoring us, but then
we asked a few inspired questions and wow. The spirit took over!!! The
spirit was super strong and completely took over the lesson for us!!
She went from not being interested to asking a ton of questions and
then inviting us in to her house to teach her and her "husband" not
married, he was kind of the same way and then the same thing happened!
IT was incredible! The entire time they were saying how much sense it
made and had so many perfect questions that we answered that no other
religious people had been able to answer! It was a really awesome
experience! At the very end we committed them to read and pray and
they "husband" said "si or Si" Which means yes or yes! He was really
excited! I am really curious to see how this will turn out for the
zone leaders!!
  Then yesterday we had our first baptism and confirmation together!
The girl is from a part member family and the family was less active.
We taught her and now the family is active again and she is baptized!
It is incredible seeing the change in that family’s life! The next step
is going to the temple and I hope they will go soon!! It was kind of
sad because the dad couldn’t baptize his daughter because he hadn’t been
to church in a long time but he was able to help confirm her. He was
crying at the baptism and I felt so bad for him, but at the same time
I know it changed him for the better! It made me really grateful to
have an active family that always strives to do the best they can!
  We have about 5 or 6 others that are really close to baptism and we
are praying that we can help them make it to their baptism because it
is so important for them to make this covenant because it will change
their lives and the gift of the Holy Ghost is something that you can’t
afford not to live with! I have really realized that in my time in the
  I gave a 10 minute talk all in Spanish yesterday it was really cool!
I got a lot of compliments on my Spanish!!
Sounds like everyone is doing really well and everyone is really busy!
Congrats Kade with your game! The house looks awesome!!! Thanks for
all of the support love yall! Hope ya like the pictures! Let me know
if there is something specific you would like a picture of? Love yall,
Elder Eppich

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