Monday, June 11, 2012

Definitely not in Tennesse anymore...

June 11, 2012


WOW!! What an eye opener! Haha a lot different then Nashville
Tennessee that is for sure!! But definitely a good change! I am in La
Perlita it is a part of Moreno. It is part of a city I think.. It is
pretty run down, like its dirt roads and shacks a lot of places. I
don´t really know how to explain it. I guess if you can picture what
Rio de janero looks like in the movie

My companion is named Elder Castillo he is from Argentina the northern
part. He speaks a little bit of English. I forget that sometimes and
start talking in English and he just is like I don’t understand!!
HaHaha super funny!!  He is a great missionary and has had a lot of
success so far in his mission!! We are going to have a lot of success
as well! We have a few baptismal dates set already and plan on setting
a lot this week with some of our investigators!!  The food is really
good!! Except I ate this stuff called Marcilla. It is that blood
sausage that Ostlers where talking about. It was interesting… haha. We
walk a lot about 10 miles a day. The weather is pretty cold right now
and it is a humid cold so that makes it a lot colder.
   I have to go down and don´t have any more time so I better get
going. Love yall

Elder Eppich

Ps      um hope the pictures worked... I will
try next week.. Love ya’ll sorry
no time

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