Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"I Know that the Lord Lives and Loves Us"

December 16, 2013

MERRY CHRISTMAS, well its not Christmas yet, but next Monday I will not be on, so i thought I'd wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!!! I won't be home for Christmas, but shortly I will be home, there is still lots of time to serve the Lord!!!
 We had a great week! On Friday we had a zone conference in Ramos Mejia. It was great! They made me bare my testimony because I am a pastor, or that I am leaving soon, so I bore my testimony and I started to cry like a baby.... It was pretty sad, but the spirit was super strong!!! 
 We had the baptisms on Saturday and it was a miracle!!!! Saturday I went to fill up the baptismal font to get everything ready and then I went back to check on it and it was empty. The water had ran out and there was no way to fill it up. We had 1 hr till the baptism. So me and my comp said a prayer and my comp, Elder Sanchez, asked if there was another church close by to call and do the baptism there. So I called the Elders that had the closest church about 20 blocks away, and they said ¨we are here in the church now, yea we will start filling it up", and then called me back and said, Elder umm the font is full already, we don't know why, but its a miracle, bring everyone over here for the baptism. So we saw a few miracles there, first of all that the Elders where there in the church and then that it was full of water for no reason. The Lord was definitely looking out for us!! I know this is the true church, I know that it can not be stopped from progressing!! I know that The lord lives and loves us, and I am so grateful to be his representative!! I hope all can remember the true meaning of Christmas!! love you all so much!!! 

Elder Eppich

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