Monday, December 9, 2013

"Training is the most important thing a Missionary can do"

December 9, 2013


Well we had a great week!! And a super eventful week. We had the zone activity and it went really well! Haha I didn't participate too much in playing because my foot bothered me, but I threw everyone the football and played soccer. It's so funny throwing a football to a Latin, they just have a huge look of surprise on their faces like,"what, how did you do that?" haha
  Then on Tuesday we got a call saying that Elder Godoy and I were going to be training, and i was like, what??? That was a huge surprise for me! President two days before told me, "no elder you will finish your mission how you are now", what a sneaky guy! But I am totally OK with it because I love training, and I always wanted to finish the mission training. Training is the most important thing a missionary can do, and i want to make sure that my new comp can carry on all the things that I have learned as a missionary. I only have a month to do it, we have to work super hard!! 
  We had to go to capital on Friday to do the visa stuff for my companion. It went really well, we were only there for like 5 hours, haha.  Then on Saturday I was sick all day, but being me and not wanting to stay in the house, we went out to work..I  just had to be fairly close to the house, hahha.
  Then on Saturday the familia Perez Torre and the familia Ramirez went to church!!  So this Saturday Rosa and Sara are going to get baptized, as well as Gabriel 16, Ezekiel 11 and Maria 9. Then Gabriel is going to baptized with his parents and sister and Tia, at the end of this month and the beginning of the next month when the parents get married!! So things are going great!!! A ton of work!! i couldn't be happier!!! Time is flying by! 
 Yesterday we had the primary program and it just hit me that I was gonna be going home shortly and I started to cry, just a bunch of mixed feelings. But I try not to think about it!! I'll worry about it when the airplane gets here!! Things are going great!! Love you all!! 

Elder Eppich

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