Monday, December 2, 2013

"Today I am starting my last transfer as a Missionary"

December 2, 2013


Well I am only going to be on the Internet for a little while because we are going to have a zone activity and have a BBQ and play soccer and football, but afterwards ill get on to write some more.

 But we had a great week this week! We are seeing a lot of investigators progress!! The familia PĂ©rez Torre is the family of 7 that is progressing really well, the parents are going to get married shortly, and the kids are going to be getting baptized shortly! They actually didn’t go to church on Sunday because the mom was sick and the dad had to do some stuff, but we are going to have a family home evening with them tonight and that should help them a lot!
 Then we have Rosa and Sara, they are the mom and a sister of a member, they have known the elders and the church for ever but never quite felt like getting baptized, but now they are positive they need to get baptized and are going to get baptized! They are progressing really well, they are super shy though, and it doesn’t help that I am kind of intimidating to the average Argentine for my size and booming voice, haha well at least that’s what they say.
 Then Lucas’ family is doing really well as well, they want to go to the temple so we are helping them become completely activated and on Sunday they are going to talk with The bishop to start making goals to get to the temple!!!
 Then we have a few other investigators that we found that seem like they are doing pretty good! The lord is really blessing us a ton right now!!!
  On Thursday we had a meeting with the stake president and President Carter, it went really well, normally the stake president here hasn’t gotten a long very well with missionary work, but on Thursday he was a new man! And so we are really excited about that!!!
 Then on Friday we had a meeting with president carter all day, it was really good, we learned a ton of great stuff to help the mission, and its really awesome to be able to see how inspired President Carter is and see the progress that we are making as a mission!!
  On a downwards note, the dad of an Elder in our zone died out of no where, and was really tough on the Elder, but it was a really strong testimony for me, talking to the Elder and seeing him being strong and really just wanting to share with everyone about Eternal families! That’s why we are here, to let everyone know that death isn’t the end of everything, if we don’t want it to be!! We can follow Jesus Christ now, and have our families forever!!!! What a great opportunity we have as missionaries to be able to testify of that 24/7!!!!  (Oh, mom, I never told you, but Elder Crowther's  mom also died recently, he is doing great though, he is such a great guy)

 I realized recently that today I am starting my last transfer as a missionary; it will be the best one yet I am sure!!! I will finish strong I promise, because I know that a ton of people are waiting for me right now!!! Love you all!! Elder Eppich
 oh yea HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I know its tomorrow, well unless something happened and I got confused, but I hope its tomorrow!!!! I love you!!!! Thanks for all you do for me mom! You’re the best!!! I'll be home for your next birthday!!! Hahaha

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