Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"The Church is True, I Know It.

Malaina Baptism
December 30, 2013


Well what a week!!! It went really well!! It started off last Monday when we had the pday Navideno with all the mission. They informed me that because I am going to go to the temple in 3 weeks (before leaving mission) that I wasn't going to be able to participate, that I had to help the Elders. Then on Monday they informed me that I would be going with pte Carter to the temple and I would be in the locker room helping coordinate everything and help the 160 Elders go where they need to go. So I spent about 5 to 6 hours in the temple helping out everyone!! It was awesome, a great experience!!! Then I rode back with president and we had a good talk about life after the mission and he answered quite a few questions of mine!!!  I feel more sure of about what I'll do when I get home. Then on Tuesday we had a good day, we found a new family that is great, they went to church yesterday and loved it!!! That night we had an Asado. I easily ate 3 kilos of meat, that's probably why I got sick on Christmas Day, hahaha.
 Then we also had a baptism on Saturday, it was kinda hectic because the family had left for 6 days and we hadn't heard from them, but we were praying and praying, and felt like we should go visit their house, right as they got home!! We planned everything good and 2 days later Malaina Ramirez got baptized!! Her mom was in active and we have been helping them out and they have been going to church for a while!!! 
 We actually had a ton of great and crazy stories this past week, but I don't have time to share them all. The church is true, I know it. I know that the Lord lives and loves us!!! I know there is nothing else I'd rather do, than what I am doing!! I feel like I still have a ton of time left as a missionary, but i know that's not the case! I'm going to finish strong!! We should have 2 more baptisms the 11th of January!! The Lord is blessing us a ton!!! Take care everybody!! 

Love you! 

Elder Eppich

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