Saturday, January 11, 2014

"I know there are a TON of miracles waiting to happen this week!"

January 4, 2014


Well, we had a really great week!! It went by super fast like every other week and it was super hot all week!!! Except for the 1st and 2nd, it rained hard on the 1st and then today it was like 60 degrees, and I was FREEZING!! haha I am going to die when I step off the plane. HAHA I’ll probably freeze right up!!! 
 On the 31st we had an Asado with a family in the ward here, it was really good I enjoyed it a ton!! Then that night at midnight when we were all sleeping they started lighting off fireworks. They do that a lot here, it was as if it was day, and we were being bombed, so loud, haha its fun though because its cool seeing all the fireworks!!! 
Then the next day it rained a ton, and it was so nice not having so much heat. Supposedly it was the worst heat wave in 100 years, that’s what I heard, I am not sure if it is true or not, but it was definitely hot, but I can sleep again at night so that’s good, I think I got used to it.
 On Saturday there was a few puddles and I was walking by one of them, and my shoe doesn’t have grip, so I slipped and fell in the water, it was pretty funny. My feet went exactly where my head should have been. Haha
 So we worked really hard this week with a lot of the members and visiting the references that they gave us!! It went really well, we found a lot of families and a lot of them went to church!! We had 10 investigators at church on Sunday, it was a great service.
 So right now we are working with the Familia Perez Torrez, the ones that didn’t get baptized 3 weeks ago. There is a sister named Viviana that we are teaching, and she has 23 years. She is progressing really well! And then a cousin named Aaron, that is progressing well that is always with that family and he really wants Gabriel the kid of 16 to baptize him, so he will probably be baptized the 18th as well!!
 Gladis and Lautoro went to church last week and this week and they really liked it a ton!!! They live right in front of the Familia Churquina; they should be getting baptized on the 18th as well!!!
 Then we found 3 other families that live next to the Familia Ramirez and Familia Perez Torrez, they are the flia Paz, the flia Cabrerra and then Monica and Carlos, I forgot their last name, but they went to church and loved it. It’s crazy because their kids all look just like people from the states, tall, blonde and blue eyes. haha that familia really likes us and is progressing a ton!!
 Yesterday we were with Lucas Cabrera and his family.  They are doing great. He got baptized about a month ago, his grandpa was in the hospital for a long time and they didn’t give him a chance to live, and it was a good experience for them because they have been praying and reading the scriptures and trying to do the things good, and the Lord blessed him and he is doing better. He said when he gets out he is going to be a Mormon. Haha the family is really excited and they are going to go to church again!!
 It’s crazy to think how fast the time is going by. Today I’ll call all the members and converts from my mission to invite them to a farewell the 16th of January!! It will be great to talk to them all!!!
 Hope all is going well! Can’t believe that I only have 1 full week in Argentina!! I know that there are a TON of miracles waiting to happen this week!! Take care!! See ya soon, enjoy Mexico!!


 Elder Eppich

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