Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Week of Blessings and Miracles!

The Familia Cepeda's baptims

July 29, 2013

Familia, What an incredible week full of blessings and miracles!!! Well all 6 from the Familia Cepeda got baptized!! It was so incredible!! They were so excited. I love that family so much. They are going to be the source of many miracles here in Lujan!!!! They are going to enter the temple one year from now, si o si, they are so excited, and I have never met someone so prepared for the gospel and so close. They want me to be there when they go through the temple, we will see!!! They really are a great family!! Gonzalo didn’t get baptized, he smoked a little bit, so we had a great talk with him to help him. He got really excited for the mission, and helped him a lot, and he will be baptized on the 10th with some cousins of the Familia cepeda and some kids from Bolivia!! The baptism was on Saturday at 5, the whole week was overcast and super cold, but on Saturday it was perfect weather!! The other Elders baptized 3 people and without 3 it was 9! That’s not super common here in the mission we are in! President Carter came and spoke, he was super happy! Then they invited us to dinner afterwards, it was super great! He said that me and my comp will be together for a couple of weeks, I won’t leave this week, but within a couple he said it’s all most certain that we will be separated, what that means, I’m not sure... but who knows!!! On Sunday we confirmed them all, and then gave the priesthood to El Hermano Cepeda! El Hermano was sick on Saturday after his baptism and his whole face was swollen, so we gave him a blessing, and right away it went away and he felt instantly better! It was incredible!!!! We were all super excited!! So everything is going super good here in Lujan! I don’t think I’ll be leaving this week, but who knows with pte Carter, he likes to surprise Elders, Haha Thanks everyone for the prayers, we saw so many miracles this week I know it was because of all of your faith and prayer! Thanks for all of the support!! I’m doing great, and can’t believe how fast the time is passing by!! Love you all!

 Love, Elder Eppich

Elder Hernandez, The Familia Cepeda and Elder Eppich

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