Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"I Felt Like a Relief Society Sister" :)

September 2, 2013 Familia, Well this week went really well! We worked really hard and the Lord really blessed us a ton! It is starting to get really hot here, super early so it is weird. I cut my hair this morning and it turned out pretty good, when I get home I can teach karigan if she wants! Haha jk.(Karigan is attending Cosmetology school part-time) But I cut everyone’s hair in the mission, everyone always asks me to do it. We found a lot of new investigators this week which always helps a ton, because then we don’t have to spend much time looking for people and we can focus on them and help them get ready for church and everything! We found a family that seems really cool; we are really excited for them. We taught them and sang for them, and the spirit was SO strong and then the next time we passed by they were like “you have no idea how much your lesson changed our house and all of us. We are doing SO MUCH better!” Then we invited to church and they came, well 2 of the 5 came the others weren’t here, but they are all going to come on the next Sunday. The boy that is 21 did what we told him about kneeling down and praying after reading the book of Mormon 3 Nephi 11 and then asking if it was true or not, and in that moment he had a really cool manifestation when it appeared to him that Christ lowered from the heavens, really awesome and hard to explain in English for me, sorry, Haha. But the families are capos (studs); their names are Zulma, Blanca, Florencia, Soledad and Richard! On Sunday Hermano Cepeda blessed the sacrament with me!!! Then their whole family bore their testimonies thanking all of the members and God for the help and everything that has been going for them and, man I felt like a relief society sister, I was almost bawling like a baby. Haha but things are going great for me and I am loving the mission, next week we have transfers, who knows what will happen, Haha well love ya! Love, Elder Eppich

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