Monday, March 18, 2013

PABLO came to church!

March 18, 2013


CONGRATS KARIGAN! I’m glad that everything went really well for all of ya and that it’s over. Haha I am sure it was super hectic for you and am sure it was worth it. Sounds like it all went really well! I’m sure it was a lot of fun. During the week I was praying that it would all go well for ya! 
  Well everything is going good for me here in Saladillo, actually right now I am in 25 de Mayo doing some branch business, with my branch president, Elder Nilsen, were going to be good buddies after the mission. I am sure mom and his mom would be best friends because they sound super similar!!! 
  Well last Monday I found out I had to be in capital on Tuesday night with my mini companion because he had to start school on Wednesday, so we traveled Tuesday night and the bus was super late and it was super long. We got in like 2 and half hours late. I ended up staying in the apartment of Elder Crowther that night. It was super good to be with him again. Haha he really misses everything out here. Says everything is so much easier there though and not near as much stress. Haha
  Then on Wednesday I met my new companion. Elder Josh Smith from Thousand Oaks California. He is super cool. He makes me homemade bread and tortillas a lot. So we eat REALLY GOOD!!! Haha hopefully I’ll be able to gain some weight! But not too much. Last time I weighed myself I was at 205. And I’m getting taller, so everyone is saying that I am looking really skinny right now. Haha idk about that though. 
  So on Thursday, Friday and Saturday we worked super hard and found some really good people!!! We are working really hard and its really nice having an old companion; he has 16 months in the mission. I am learning a lot from him, and I feel like he is learning a lot from me as well. I am not really sure what will happen next week though with transfers. I can’t really imagine us being together for a transfer, but if it happens I don’t have a problem! He is a great Elder!! I still really want to train again though, so we will see. President has something up his sleeve I am sure. Haha for all I know I could be leaving Saladillo, but I doubt it. Haha 
PABLO came to church and loved it! He is stopping smoking and drinking again and plans of coming to church and getting baptized!! The abuela negras sister died so she is kinda sad about that.
  The family that we found in the Little Pueblo close by is doing really good! The mom of them came to church! They all really want to get baptized! The mom knows the church is true because she had a dream that we came to her house before we got there. So she is super cool! Her name is Maria!!! Well everything is going super good! Thanks for all the support and prayers. Keep praying for us! Love you all a ton!!

Love, Elder Eppich sr.

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