Monday, March 4, 2013

Nothing Will Stop the Work from Progressing

Elder Eppich in Saladillo (pronounced Sal i deesho) Argentina
March 4, 2013


Well we had a crazy week!! Last Monday after doing email we went and cooked. I made grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken noodle soup and then made some homemade syrup to have with us. So we have been eating French toast and last night I made waffles. Super good! I have become quite the cook. I think.. Haha

So we find out that abuela negra had gone to capital to be with her sister that’s sick. And while there she tells all her extended family about us and how we are incredible and that she was going to be baptized on Saturday. Then they started telling her stuff about us being a sect and things like that and really hammering her. It was super sad. She had come back not planning on meeting with us and stuff. But we went and visited her, took her some flowers and did some service. She loved it and then we had a super spiritual lesson with her. She isn’t ready to be baptized but at least is still willing to learn. And she came to church yesterday and loved it and said that she is reading and praying to know if she should be baptized!
  That same day we find out from Raul that he had received an arrest warrant from 2 years ago! So he can’t be baptized till that gets cleared up. He doesn’t have to go to jail, just has to pay 3000 pesos. Like 500 dollars or so.
 Then lautoro wants to wait one more week hoping that abuela negra gets baptized with him. But if not, he will still be baptized this Saturday! 
 We heard from Pablo and went and taught him! He is doing good and super glad to be back. He has changed a bit but wants to get back to where he was and he knows we are the key to helping him get back there and even better. So we are going to be helping him with that!! It will probably take him some time but surely he will get baptized one day!!! 
 Yesterday President Carter came to call me to be the 1st counselor in the branch of 25 de mayo  and called me as the group leader here in Saladillo. Maybe you’re wondering what that means in terms of responsibilities. The answer is I’m wondering the same thing. Haha I asked President and he said you do what a branch president or bishop would do, but don’t have to do interviews of worthiness.  
 So he wants me to give callings to all the members visit everyone every week, just get this area super strong. So that’s what I’ll be doing!! I also was able to talk with him for about 30 minutes! That was super sweet as well. He expressed his love for me and let me know he was super pleased with the hard work we have been doing here in Saladillo. He said it’s really incredible what you’re doing out here. The work is a lot harder out in campo and you’ve been out here a long time. He made it sound like I’ll be here for 10 more weeks. We will see. I’ll just keep working as hard as I can! 
  So even though Satan is working his tail off trying to stop us from having success we are still working super hard doing all we can! And the work will keep going forth no matter what! I know this church is true and no one can take it from me!! Love ya all so much! Hope all is going good! Bree is super cute!! Thanks for the letters and support!

 Love, Elder Eppich SR. haha

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