Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm a Tio!

Temple with Fabi amd her family
February 25, 2013


WOW what a crazy week!! Tuesday night I got a text saying that I was a tio! I was super stoked!! Fabiana sent me a message letting me know. Haha they all told me she is precious and I was jealous that I didn’t see a picture yet! Haha!! Congrats everyone with the birth of BREE! I’m super excited for all of you!!! Enjoy it all!!! It will be a great experience surely!! Then on Wednesday I thought about karigan a lot for her birthday!!! Happy birthday!! Then on Thursday some sickness got a hold of me and didn’t let me get to far from the bed or bathroom. But I am doing a lot better now and a little skinnier. Haha 
  Thanks for all of your prayers for me and our investigators. I got a message from Pablo (the incredible investigator missing in action) He said he will be getting back this week and can’t wait to see us!! We will be praying hard for him!! 
 So the baptisms didn’t happen this week because the sister of abuela negra got sick and she went to visit her before she dies. So we moved it till this Saturday when she, lautoro and Raul will all be baptized. We are all really excited for them!! It will be a great day! Thanks for all the prayers!  Kade keep up the great work! Enjoy life!  Everyone enjoy every minute of every day!! Keep an eye on my niece!

I love this gospel and the joy it brings to me! I know Jesus died to save us and to be able to comfort us in our tough times. He will help us in the minute we ask!! Do all you can to share the gospel with all! Strengthen friends and family and members and non members. Everyone needs this gospel!!! Thanks for all you all do!!

Love, Elder Eppich Sr.

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