Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We are changing lives!

This is our "missionary corner" in our home that Kraymer refers to. The corner began with me making the cardboard cutout of Kraymer for Kaitlan's wedding this summer. I couldn't throw him away after so we made a place for him in the home that turned into our "missionary corner". Kraymer wrote us a hand written letter after Kade received his mission call in November. He said the following in his letter "Two sons in different parts of the world, teaching the same message, with the same purpose of inviting all to come unto Christ" when I read that I knew exactly what I would do with his quote. I enlarged it on an engineering print and put it in our missionary corner. It is our daily reminder of missionary work and love.
February 4, 2013


How are you all doing? How is the last week going for Kade? I hope the second time around will be a little bit easier for all of you! I am sure that it will be! Just remember that quote you all sent to me about missionaries, leaving their families for 2 years so that others can have theirs forever! That is what we do! 2 years are nothing! It passes so fast. I feel like it was yesterday when I was at Ki-be watching Kade and Karigan playing basketball and then the next morning I left! Now I have 13 months in the mission! 
  We had a pretty good week! We have some good investigators! We didn’t get any to church but this week we are going to have a ton!! I’ll give you a quick update on all of them.  So we have LAUTORO; ABUELA NEGRA, y Adith. They are all neighbors and they absolutely love us and the church. They know it is true and that it will meet all of their needs! The church meets all the needs of everyone, if they let it.  They didn’t come to church yesterday, were not sure why, they weren’t home, were hoping that all is good with them!!!
 Then we still have Vanessa and Alejandro, but they left for vacations this week they will get back in a couple days luckily!!! Then we have Osmar y Maria Celia! They are hoping to get married in the next couple of weeks and then baptized right away! We are really excited for them as well. Then this week we found 3 families that seem really really good! We have lessons with them this afternoon and we are going to see how they are doing. They have a lot of potential. We have a ton of investigators. We need to prioritize a little better and focus on the ones that are ready right now and focus on them. The next couple of months should be months of a lot of baptisms!! This week lady from Paraguay is coming back! All her family is looking forward to return to church and her to get baptized! We’re really excited!! 
 So this is probably the last week Elder Crowther and I will have together. It has been a great 4 months with him! I have gotten really close to him, and we have learned A TON together. In these 4 months I have learned SO MUCH. It will be hard to have a change, but I know that the Lord needs us to change, so we will change. These 4 months together will surely change our missions and lives!!!
 Next Tuesday we are going to the temple with Fabi! It’s going to be incredible!!! 
 I love the missionary corner!!!! I love that quote, I had forgotten about it. Hahaha thanks for all you do for me! Love you all so much! Take care! Have a great week! Good luck Kade! Go tear it up and do what the Lord wants you to do!   We are changing lives!!

Love, Elder Kraymer Eppich

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