Monday, February 11, 2013

"I feel so blessed to be in the mission with my little brother Kade"

**Elder Eppich spent most of the day traveling to Buenos Aires. He and his companion get to attend the temple tomorrow with a ward member. He said he didn't have much time to write but I sure don't know why he had to tell me he got robbed.....I told him specifically i didn't want to know about anything like that! ha
February 11, 2013


I feel so blessed to be in the mission with my little brother Kade!! I feel super proud letting everyone know that we are both serving at the same time! They all love it as well!! This week was great! We saw lots of miracles and our investigators are progressing a ton! We didn’t have any baptisms yet we should have a few the end of the month with abuela negra, lautoro and his abuela and raul. osmar and maracelia should have a wedding date this week and hopefully in March will be baptized! Elder Crowther is leaving. I am staying! It will be so weird not being with Elder Crowther. I will miss that guy a ton, he is a great missionary! Well I got to go I love you all a ton. Good luck in everything! Love Elder Eppich I hope to be an uncle next week!! Oh I got robbed. Haha
Still serving in Saladillo!

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