Monday, February 18, 2013

An answer to Prayer

Elder Eppich with  Fabi and other missionaries going through the Buenos Aires Temple
February 18, 2013


Wow! What a crazy week!!! So last Monday we traveled to Ramos Mejia to go to the temple on Monday. We said goodbye to everyone. Elder Crowther was ready to leave but is going to miss the people and me of course. Haha I miss him as well. It’s weird not being with him. Then Tuesday we woke up early and went to the temple with Elder Fernandez and Nilsen from 25 de mayo. We got there at nine and then met them in the celestial room when the finished. It was awesome! The spirit was super strong!!  We saw elder Krause there and had lunch with him. It was an awesome time. Then elder Nilsen and I went to an area and started doing missionary work. We looked at a map and saw a calle and felt that we needed to go there. So we walked for about an hour and found the little street with 7 houses and we decided to find the person that was waiting for us because we knew someone was waiting for us. Knocked every door and nothing. Confused we turned the corner and found this woman and her son sitting down. I asked Como esta, and she just started bawling and telling us her husband was beating her and her son was scared and that they didn’t know what to do. I told her we were the answer to her prayer and that god had leaded us to her. The spirit was super strong!!! The spirit taught her a ton and she felt it super strong, and so did her son!! By the end they were asking us to be baptized so we set them up for baptism in a couple weeks! I was an incredible experience!!! Then on Wednesday we had transfer meeting and President Carter told me he was going to have me train but because the visas didn’t come he was going to give me a mini missionary so that when the visas get in he could send me the missionary. I received hermano Marcos from Moreno. He is 17 and a tiny little fella. He was baptized a year ago. Super good guy. It’s a good experience because I am able to teach him a ton about the gospel and what it is to be a missionary. He will go on a mission in a year!!I knew him when in was in la Perlita!! So we got back to Saladillo Wednesday night. On Thursday morning we went to work. First of all we went to abuela negra. I’m not sure if you remember her but she is incredible. She says in am the grandson she wished her grandchild were. She came to church again. She looks forward to church every Sunday and loves reading the scriptures. She is 84 or 87 in don’t remember. But super healthy. Reminds me of a combined grandma Edler and Eppich. Super friendly and loving loves to cook, a bit ¨healthy¨ and says the things how they are. She will be baptized this Saturday. Along with her neighbor lautoro and his grandma. And maybe Raul. In was cutting his hair in the pictures. We will have 2 baptisms this weekend with a possibility of 4. We will see!! We are doing great here and working super hard. We are going to see a lot of results from our hard work the past 4 months!! I’m glad to hear all is going well!! Love you all! Talk to you soon!!!
Love Elder Kraymer Todd Eppich

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