Monday, March 25, 2013

"she just has a little candle"

Loves his new soccer jersey and good friend Elder Nilsen
March 25, 2013


Well how are you all doing!? Well, its official I am staying here in Saladillo for at least 1.5 months more!! It’s crazy to think I have been here for 6 months. That is super unusual especially because I am out here in campo. President normally leaves the people in campo for 3 transfers sometimes 4. I have been out here 5 and will have at least one more! So it’s been a great experience for me out here! 

 Well Elder Smith and I are doing great and had a super good week! Haha I always forget that Elder Smith isn’t used to riding the bikes yet. The other day we went 35-40 kilometers in one day. Haha poor guy! He is a super great sport about it though!
 Its really cool being with Elder Smith because he is an experienced Elder with a lot of time in the mission and I have been able to learn from him! I really hope that he can learn from me as well!!  
  Well Pablo is doing good! He didn’t come to church on Sunday but he is reading the Book of Mormon really good and he really likes it! He feels like he can relate to Nephi. I am not sure why but he feels a really strong connection to him! So yesterday we met with him and talked about his goals and how he wants to keep changing. So we talked about his baptism and we really helped him see the importance of setting a goal so we set a goal for him for the end of April! We will see how that goes! 
  Then we had a great experience with the abuela negra! We were afraid that she was just going to become an eternal investigator because she just really likes to listen to us and she loves us more than her own kids,(me more than anyone. Haha) But we just talked to her and she told us about her doubts and she said she felt like she would be betraying her husband who had died a while back. She said, “ I feel like God is going to still help me even though I don’t get baptized.” The spirit made me start talking and gave me a great example to use! I said, “every one of us was born with the Light of Christ or that God is always going to be with us and help us”, then I helped her understand that right now she just has a little candle, like she had when she lived in the farm when she was little, and then she said, ‘yea and then we got running lights and everything and I couldn’t believe I lived so long with so little light,’ I was like oh yea I am taking advantage of this, I made the comparison of the candle to the lights to her now and her after her baptism. The spirit was super strong and she knew I was right and that she needs to be baptized. So we committed her to say a prayer that night to ask god if she should be baptized, so she did. and God ANSWERED!!!! She is going to be baptized before the end of April!!!!!! 
  Then we are also working with a family of less actives. We are helping them a lot and there son of 9 years is going to be baptized. We set goals to help them go to the temple in this year! I really hope they keep progressing a ton!!! Things are going great here! I am learning a ton and loving life! 
 I had my first temple interview this week for a couple of youth. It was super cool being to help people prepare to go to the temple. I also was able to extend a few callings to a few people. It is really helping the group out a lot!! We are doing great and thanks for all the help and support. Well I love ya all a ton!

Love, Elder Eppich 
haha showing off their jerseys

Silly Kraymer and Elder Smith

Elder Smith was getting his hair cut so kraymer takes a picutre of himself. ha

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