Monday, May 20, 2013

"We are really so blessed to know of the Atonement of Christ"

converts from Cinco de Mayo that came to visit
May 20, 2013


We had a super packed week and it was a good one!! To start it off on Monday night my comp and I were on bikes and we got separated.  I have never been so scared in my life.  Haha It was only 10 minutes but then we found each other.  So that’s ok.

Then on Tuesday we left for the zone conference that was on Wednesday. It was an INCREDIBLE conference; it had been 10 months since the last zone/district conference I had had. And I learned so much and was super excited. I’m definitely going to be a better missionary for what I learned!! Then we got back on Thursday. On Thursday it got super cold. Like right around freezing, but then it’s like 100% humidity so that makes it a lot colder, and the buildings are only made of bricks so it enters and stays cold. But I really like the cold so I was happy.

We worked super hard on Thursday, Friday and Saturday to make up for the 2 days we lost, we found some good people and had some really good lessons with a lot of people!!! Julio should be baptized next Monday, and then Maria and Marcos the following Saturday! We are seeing a lot of progress here!! 

  We talked a lot about the atonement in the zone conference, and so we have been studying a lot about the atonement and then talking and testifying about it in every lesson. It has helped a ton. We really are so blessed to know about the Atonement of Christ. I’m so grateful for it! It is perfect, and it really testifies of the love the Lord has for every one of us! I encourage everyone to study and learn about the Atonement!! Read in Alma 7. I love that chapter when it talks about Christ suffering for all of us. It’s so powerful! 

 O I learned how to make gnocchi’s! They are super good!!!!!!!!

 Thanks for everything that you all do for me and for the prayers and help! It was great seeing and talking with you last Monday! Hope all is well! Love you! Good luck Karigan!!

 Love, Elder Eppich

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